FREE! Printable Homeschool Schedule Template

This free printable homeschool schedule template will help you and your child stay on task during the school day, and provide a great framework for your child to work through each day. It's completely customizable, so you're able to accommodate it to meet the needs and preferences of your family.

Printable Homeschool Schedule

Printable Homeschool Schedule:

When we were in the planning phases of homeschooling the thing that intimidated me the most was knowing when to do each subject, how frequently to do it, and planning out all the details in my head. For me, I need routine and organization in all things, so making a template worked well for me and my child.

As I got further into the weeds with everything, joining homeschool Facebook groups, and even groups for My Tech High which is our online charter school that we homeschool through, I realized that many other families needed this exact type of schedule/outline and figured I could easily make it shareable with the world.

How We Use This Schedule:

For us, I was not interested in having a schedule that mapped out every single minute of our day. I simply wanted an easy list that took us through what needed to be done on each day of the week. That is why this printable schedule does not list times, meals, etc... It's just the meat and potatoes of what work needs to be completed each day. If you like to keep things simple, but organized, this schedule should work well for you too!

Printable Homeschool Schedule

Benefits of a Homeschool Schedule:

The benefit of a homeschool schedule is that it allows the parent and the child to be on the same page at all times. Everyone knows the expectations for the day and the order of operations that things need to happen. I think a schedule is a must for homeschooling, but I recognize that there are parents who love "unschooling" and respect that this might not be their thing. I also recognize those parents are not the ones reading this, but I digress.

How to Customize/Print this Homeschool Schedule:

  1. Click this link (also available at the bottom of the post)
  2. It will take you to Google Drive, you do not need a Google account/email
  3. Click the blue button that says, "Make a copy"
  4. Erase my text, and make the schedule fit your needs
  5. Erase my instructions at the top of the sheet
  6. Print and enjoy!
  7. Optional, Laminate the sheet, and hang it in your home for you and your children to see

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