The Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum We Chose

This sixth grade homeschool curriculum is great for families and students who like a little more independence with their school work, and is scalable to be as hands on and hands off as you would like in your homeschool routine. 

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum:

As we were choosing the curriculum that we were going to be using this year there were a couple of things that were important for me as I looked to educate my child. I wanted our curriculum to be Christian based, but I was also very interested in following the Utah state standards when it came to what Kyle should be learning this year. Because we don't know how long term this will be for us, and we went into the year with the idea that Kyle would go back to public school when junior high starts next school year, we didn't want there to be any crucial gaps between him and his same age peers. 

If this is also important to you and your family, I would identify what the standards are that your child would be learning in public school in your state (found on most board of education websites), and then pick curriculum that teaches those topics. 

For us we knew that Kyle would be doing World History for history this year, and that he would be learning about weather, energy, space, and ecosystems in science, so that is what I looked for when choosing curriculum. 

Bible Study:

For bible study we have a children's version of the Christian Standard Bible, along with this Exploring the Bible workbook. Kyle does this first thing each day and it's worked well for use for a while now. He started this bible study last school year, and when he finishes it we will look for a new one, but we have really enjoyed this for a long time now. 

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum


We are still working on printing in sixth grade just to refine handwriting and make it more legible. This Bible Verse Handwriting Practice book has been great because it has the user trace longer bible verses, but also has them write them out independently as well. I love that it adds another dose of Jesus to his day, and targets the goals we want to hit.

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Physical Education:

Exercise is a daily part of our homeschool routine. Whether that's getting outside and playing basketball, doing a yoga video, or going on a walk, it is definitely something we take seriously. Kyle is also playing soccer right now, and will do skiing in the winter. On days he has practice or a game, that counts as exercise, otherwise he has to find something to do each day. 


We are using The Good and the Beautiful for math. We noticed Kyle had some gaps in his math last school year so when the school year ended we had him spend the entire summer working through the 5th grade curriculum again. We're still finishing 5th grade and will be working on that through Christmas. In January he'll start the sixth grade curriculum, and it should end in June when school gets out. TGATB has their math curriculum online for free, and we print out the lessons we'll need at the beginning of each week. (TGATB = The Good and The Beautiful for the rest of this post).

To access the free math PDFs, click this link, click the grade you need, and then you'll see the option to download.


For history we're doing World History since that is what Kyle would have been working on this year if he were in public school. We are using TGATB's World History course. We did pay for the actual textbook of this course. I like that it aligns world history with the biblical timeline so you feel like you're getting a double whammy of history and the bible mixed together. I've really enjoyed this so far, even though we're only a couple weeks in.

TGATB is reworking all of their history programs and you can no longer purchase the textbook version of this course. You can purchase the PDF versions though and print as you go. I suspect they might have their new history courses available for the 2024-2025 school year.

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Language Arts:

Again, we're using TGATB for language arts, and we're using the sixth grade curriculum. TGATB also has their language arts online for free so we downloaded the PDF online and print out the lessons as we need them each week.

To access the free language arts PDFs, click this link, click the grade you need, and then you'll see the option to download.


For science we're again using TGATB. We actually bought the books for this. I simply looked up the sixth grade standards on the Utah Education Network website and then chose the topics from TGATB that aligned with what Kyle would be learning in school. This is how we chose Space, Ecosystems, Weather, and Energy.

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum


We are technically homeschooling through an online charter school that reimburses us money for homeschool supplies (will share a full post about this soon!). Part of their program requires using one of their technology courses and one of the options was a KiwiCo Subscription (will also review this when we get our first box.). We're doing their Tinker Crate each month, and in addition to that we have a typing workbook that Kyle does a lesson in each day. He simply copies the lines from the book onto a word doc on his computer, and it's working well for us so far! 

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

This is all the sixth grade homeschool curriculum that we chose for this school year. If you're homeschooling for sixth grade, I'd love to know what you're using and what's working well for you! 

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