Industrial Modern Office Links + Cost Breakdown

I love putting together an amazing room in my house just like the next person, but I also really love being able to do that on a budget. I've gotten a lot of questions about a lot of the different pieces in the office after my blog post yesterday and wanted to be able to share the space in more detail with more links, something that you can't really do when you're sharing a space in a sponsored post for a wide variety of reasons.

I did want to mention though that this room would not have been made possible without my sponsorship with G2 pens. In full transparency, they paid me $410 for that blog post, and I would not have been able to put this space together without their help. We were originally working with one company (that had originally reached out to me...), and we were going to get some furniture for the office, and then they never actually followed through with sending it on their end. G2 Pilot Pen saved the day and made this space possible for us and we're so grateful to be able to share it in full detail with you today!

What Work Did We Do On This Space?
Pretty much everything. We painted the walls, baseboards, trim and doors. We changed the door hinges to matte black and switched all the knobs to matte black as well. We added the bookshelf and the desk, and then all the decor and little details.

What Items Did You Already Have?
The only thing in this space that we already had were the books that we put onto the shelves. I don't really believe in buying books for the sake of decor, and really wanted to make sure I was using our own books on the shelves. Everything else though we purchased off of Amazon.

But as far as painting supplies, paint, brushes, knobs, etc... we had to buy it all and I'm so proud that we were able to do it all well under the original budget that we set for ourselves. I still want to add a comfy chair to this space, but that will come in a month or so when we have the money saved for it!

Links, Sources, and Cost for Everything!
Screws $1.18 (for closet knobs couldn't find link)
Michaels 11x14 Frames $21 (I bought all three for $21 on sale)
Walgreens photo Printing $17.80
Pen Cup $1.07 (Dollar Tree)

(Prices may currently vary depending on location and items I purchased on sale. The shown prices here are what I personally spent on each item.)

Grand Total: $364.98
After Amazon Gift Cards: $314.98

I'm so excited that we were able to pull this room off under budget, and I'm so glad that we put in the effort to completing this room first since it's been used every single day since it's been finished and will likely be where Derek works from now on. His company is likely going to make his role 100% remote even after all of this is over, so it's a space we'll use for a good long time to come.

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