Monday, January 26, 2015

Fort Building with Pop Secret

I'm one of those parents that gets slightly giddy when someone tells me that they think Kyle is really smart. It's pretty much my dream to have smart kids, (not in the over bearing you will go to Harvard or die kind of way...), but intelligence will get you so far in life, so when people tell me they think Kyle is really smart, it just makes my day.

A few weeks ago at church we sat in front of a lady who afterwards told us that she has a masters in childhood education, and that she had been watching Kyle for the entire hour, and that she couldn't belive how attentive and focused Kyle was on a toy he had been playing with the entire time. She said that by the way he was working out the pieces, and concentrating on them, that he could totally be an engineer or an architect someday.

I tried really hard not to laugh when she said architect because right now, one of Kyle's favorite past times is making blanket forts. Seriously, we make them on the daily over here. In fact, on Saturday when Kinsley was sleeping I thought that we should have some one on one Kyle and mommy time, so we popped some Pop-Secret popcorn, made a fort, and then watched a movie together. It's so fun to see the things that make Kyle really excited! He was pretty much beside himself wiht his own little bowl of popcorn, and a fort.

It's funny to look at these pictures, and compare them to the last campaign I did with Pop Secret... now I have longer hair, and less belly, and the last time I was sharing my popcorn with Derek instead of Kyle. Next time you head to the store to get some Pop Secret popcorn, don't forget to print this $1 off coupon. Because, you know, coupons are awesome. Also, Pop Secret wants to see your pillow forts! Head on over to their Facebook Page to submit a picture of your fort with the hashtag, #PopSecretForts, for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

^^Ps. This is wet, fresh out of the shower hair, not super greasy unwashed hair. 

Compensation for this post was provided by Pop Secret through it's advertiser, Linqia. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY Jewelry Holder

I have a two-year-old boy. No one is surprised by this information right? Well if you have a two-year-old, you know nothing in your house is sacred, and anything within their reach is free game for them to do as they please with it. Kyle loves playing with my jewelry... not in the cute dress up sense (although, he does love to wear my bangle bracelets), but mostly in the sense of find it, play with it, and then hide it somewhere around the apartment so that mom can't find it when she goes to look for it on Sunday. I've recently added a few pairs of earrings to my jewelry collection though, and the small pieces make me nervous around Kyle, so I've been looking to make something that could just keep it out of his reach, and most importantly, so he doesn't get hurt. 

I saw on Pinterest a couple years back that someone had made a jewelry holder out of a bulletin board, and thought that would be the perfect, easy, and inexpensive project that I could handle. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm not incredibly crafty, so when it happens, it's gotta be fool proof. 

Yesterday I headed to Michael's with (4) 40% off coupons in hand and grabbed all the pieces I needed for this project for just under $12! Coupons, and crafting... my housewife self was enthralled by two amazing worlds at the same time. And no, I don't get out much. 

Painters Tape- $4.99 ($3 after 40% off)
Krylon Short Cuts Spray Paint- $3.49 ($2.59 after 40% off)
Gem Thumb Tacks- $1.99 ($1.19 after 40% off)
23x17 Cork Board- $7.99 ($4.79 after 40% off)
4 Pieces of Computer Paper
Scrap Paper to Protect Ground While Spray Painting

Tape your four pieces of computer paper together, making sure they fit inside the cork board, allowing a 1/2 gap between the paper and the cork board on all sides.

Tape along the perimeter of the white paper and the cork board, making sure there is no cork exposed
between the paper and the frame. 

Go outside, and lay your scrap paper down (I used wrapping paper), and then lay your cork board in the center. 

Spray paint the edges according to the directions on the spray paint can. And allow the spray paint to dry accordingly. Make sure to get all the edges of the frame, and not just the top!

Once dry, remove the tape and paper from the cork board, and then arrange your jewelry on it using the thumb tacks as you see fit. 

You can then hang it on the wall, or display it on a decorative easel!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Floral Print Midi Skirt

Know those times when you pick out an outfit and you're all, "Hey, I'm killing it today!" That's pretty much exactly how I felt after I got ready to go to the temple last week. This skirt had just come in the mail from Style Moi, and it was the perfect opportunity to try it on! So to everyone who asked me where I got my skirt at the temple last Thursday, and then again at church on Sunday, the answer is, Style Moi. Midi skirts are pretty much my favorite right now, so I'm glad to be able to add this one to my collection.

Shirt: c/o Style Moi
Skirt: c/o Style Moi
Fleece Lined Tights: Target
Heels: Old Navy

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Negative Review: Extensions in a Bottle

I love that blogging gives me a chance to be transparent with my readers. I know most of the things that I review, I'm usually saying how much I love them. In this case though, I'm talking about a product that I recently got that I don't like. I know that there are a lot of expensive mascaras coming out on the market that everyone is loving and using... this is one to stay away from in my opinion, for whatever that's worth!

Thanks for reading, and let me know what other videos you would like to see!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Kinsley at 5 Months

Kinsley is officially 5 months old today! I know people say all the time that they can't believe how fast the time goes with their babies... but for real, how is she going to be 6 months in a month? I think there is something with having a baby in the late summer that makes it go by so fast! You run right into all the holidays, and then all of  a sudden they're over and your baby is all... big. It's cray. Next time I'm having a baby in January. 

Kinsley had her 4 month check up two weeks ago, and our family doctor gave her a 100%. She has grown so much! I can't give you exact numbers because the website that has all her medical info isn't working right now, but she's in the 88% for pretty much everything. This month we will head to the hospital to check in with neurology for the first time. Nothing major, they just haven't seen her yet, and just want to evaluate her real quick to make sure everything is good to go on their end. 

Kinsley started laughing last week, and it's the best. They usually happen right before bedtime when she is tired. We'll play peek-a-boo with her, and she just busts out these huge belly laughs. When it first happened a few nights ago, I just welled up with tears. All the stress, fear, worries, and doctor visits seemed to just melt away for a few minutes as we sat and played with this amazing baby. Those laughs just seemed to make everything we went through worth it. 

The best parts of my day are those small moments when the house is quiet and I just sit in my rocker holding Kinsley. As I hold her close to me and feel her sweet warmth, and smell her baby smell, heaven just feels so close. Everything just feels right with the world. I just love this little girl so much, and I'm so humbled that she is a part of our family. I usually feel so undeserving of such a sweet baby, but am so grateful every single day that she is ours. 

Things to Know About Kinsley at 5 months:
  • She eats about 26oz of formula a day
  • She wears 3-6 month clothes
  • She's in size 3 diapers
  • She eats a couple bites of baby food a day
  • She's tried carrots, peas, and oatmeal
  • She can sit in the Bumbo for longer periods of time
  • She is tolerating tummy time a lot more
  • Her hair is growing back. She mostly has a lot of thick, short hair, and then about 3 long wispy strands on the top. 
  • She's starting to hold toys, and grab for toys a little bit
  • I've gotten two full nights of sleep since last month (hooray!)
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