Flammily Fun: Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

Monday, March 30, 2015

This weekend we finally made our way out of the house to do some fun things. My favorite part about Derek's new job is that he gets every other Friday off of work. It also means that he works nine hour days instead of eight all the other days that he works, but a three-day-weekend is a good trade off in my opinion. Friday we got a bunch of housework done, and then went to the library after nap time. Saturday we made a last minute decision to go to the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History and it was a blast. If you want to know what heaven looks like for a two-year-old boy, it's a large building, filled with large trains. 

After WWII the US sent France 49 box cars filled with food and other supplies to help with the reconstruction efforts. As a thank you, France gave every state, including the territory of Hawaii their own box car. This was the box car given to Georgia, and their often called the Merci Train. This also proves that we try to find all the French things everywhere we go. 

It's not an outing with Jay if he doesn't find something to be OCD about. We love this little organizing boy. 

White + Mint

Friday, March 27, 2015

When I lived in Salt Lake and went to LDS Business College, I lived in a house downtown with eight other girls. Yes, you read that right. There were nine girls all living under one roof. There surprisingly wasn't a ton of drama and we all really meshed well together. The only fights I ever remember happening were over cabinet space in the kitchen, and whose turn it was to load/unload the dishwasher. Other than that I think that we had pretty much the best four months together that you could ask for.

One of my favorite parts about moving to Georgia was that it put me 15 minutes away from one of my old roommates, Lyndsey. You guys have heard me talk about her, and her shop Winsome Jones countless times over here in the past, but yesterday she let me come with her to try some clothes on for her shop, and take some pictures and it was a blast. I won't even be mad if this becomes a regular thing that we do. Also, it should be noted that we pretty much rocked the photo shoot considering we had our three babies in tow. They were three little champs the entire time. 

If you haven't gotten your Easter attire planned out yet, may I suggest this skirt and shirt combo? This skirt right here is not only gorgeous, but it's amazing quality. When I tried it on, it was the first thing I mentioned to Lyndsey. And that's true for all the Winsome Jones items that I've purchased for that matter. Everything always holds up in the wash so well, which is great because I'm a compulsive clothes washer. 

Heels: Forever 21
Necklace: Nordstrom

Cucumber and Pepperoni Sandwiches

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PepItUp #CollectiveBias

Growing up my dad was the king of snack time. Everyday when I got home off the bus my dad would have a huge snack laid out for my brother and I. We always referred to them as "picking platters", and they were always nicely arranged with crackers, granny smith apples, cheddar cheese (the sharper the better), and my personal favorite, pepperoni. I'm pretty sure that pepperoni was actually the number one source of protein in my life for about three years. But it's delicious, so why not?

Ever since we moved I've been wanting to turn over a new leaf with my eating habits and make more fresh, delicious foods for me and my family to eat. When I headed out to Walmart to stock up our completely empty kitchen (which was by far the most I've ever spent on groceries in my entire life), I made sure that  I snagged some of my favorite Hormel Pepperoni, and some other yummy fixings, to make one of my new favorite things to eat.

These cucumber sandwiches are so light and refreshing, and are sure to make anyone's taste buds sing! I love the cold freshness that the cucumber gives, and then the the chewy spiciness of the pepperoni... it's a winning combination my friends... a winning combination. These would be perfect for the upcoming bridal and baby shower season. These little sandwiches are light and refreshing and would be the perfect addition to any spring get together. 

1 package Hormel Pepperoni
1 cucumber
Vegetable Cream Cheese

Wash and slice the the cucumber and then spread a thin a layer of cream cheese on one side. Then layer a small piece of turkey, two slices of pepperoni, another thin layer  of the vegetable cream cheese, and then top it off with one more slice of cucumber. Serve cold. 

3 Tips For a Functioning Nursery

Monday, March 23, 2015

I had every intention in the world for this post to be a full blown nursery reveal post, but then the rug I ordered never came in on time, and then I decided that there should actually be things on the wall, so I ordered more decor, but they're handmade, and coming from one of my all time favorite Etsy shops, but it wont be here for at least another month, so just expect another full reveal when I'm really all done.

The nursery was at the top of my list of rooms to get functioning when we moved because sweet Em had been sleeping in our walk in closet for the first 6 1/2 months of her life. When we moved into this house a couple weeks ago, I knew my first plan of attack was going to be getting a room set up just for her. I always told myself I wasn't going to be that mom who got all the pink things for her daughter, but then I had one, and her room literally makes the hallway upstairs glow pink... I'm actually not even mad about it one bit. 

Here are some of my favorite tips for getting a nursery functioning in tip top shape, for even the smallest budgets. Some things I think you can completely live without (we had full intentions of having Em sleep in a pack n play, instead of a crib for pretty much ever), but these three things are pretty much necessities for me. 

1. A Diaper Pail: This was something I didn't know I needed until I had one. The Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail by one of my favorite brands, Munchkin has been a nasal life saver. We have two kids in diapers right now, so the fact that we have something to contain the odor is pretty much the best. It completely seals off inside after each diaper is put in so odor can't escape, and it even has a pod of baking soda inside to keep your room smelling fresh all the day long. I'm in love. 

2. A Changing Table: I prefer changing tables to dressers ten fold. I love having everything I'm going to need for Em right at my fingertips and there isn't any digging through drawers. Having her burp cloths, onesies, and diapers in arms reach is the best thing ever. 

3. Black Out Curtains: For the longest time we just had a quilt hanging in the window in Jay's room. When we moved recently we got real black out curtains, and they're just the best. You can really use either one but having all the light blocked out from the room I think makes the optimal sleeping environment for my little ones... They also both sleep like champs during nap time which I fully attribute to the darkness.

Crib: Walmart
Changing Table: Walmart
Crib Sheets: Walmart
Crib Matteress: Walmart
Curtains: Walmart
Curtain Rod: Walmart
Owl: Home Goods (similar)
Diffuser: Amazon
Laundry Hamper: Home Goods (similar)

This post is sponsored by Munchkin, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. 

What Does a Stay at Home Mom Do All Day + Giveaway

Friday, March 20, 2015

Last year I posted basically this exact post, and then it kind of started spreading like wildfire, and then people were starting to fight with each other in the comments so I actually deleted the post, but I'm back for another round of this... and everyone should just be nice to each other. Also, there is a giveaway at the end of this post, so there's that.

2 am-Em wakes up and eats, I try to overlook the fact that she's not swaddled anymore and put her back to bed.

3am- Em needs to be reswaddled so Derek and I make the team effort, he helps me swaddle her in the dark and I get another bottle to feed her.

4am- I get back in bed, something falls in Jay's room and we spend the next hour on and off trying to coax him to stop talking and go to bed. 

6am-Derek's alarm goes off and I give him an, "I wuba ew two" (sleep drunk talk for I love you too), and send him on his way.

8am- Jay and Em both wake up... Em peed through all her blankets from the 8oz she drank so I strip her and her bedding and get them in the wash... Jay is screaming for breakfast so we head downstairs for Cheerios and OJ. An 8 oz glass of 100% Florida orange juice gives you 100% vitamin C to help you maintain a healthy immune system. Orange juice is one of the most nutrient-rich fruit juices commonly consumed in the United States – it provides a good source of potassium for heart health, the B vitamins thiamin and folate and is an excellent source of vitamin C.  Cheerios’ wholesome goodness is made from whole-grain oats and without artificial flavors or colors. It is low in fat and cholesterol free. And these wholesome little “o’s” have only one gram of sugar per serving! All that... and there was a $2 off coupon... so it was really a no brainer. 

9am- I get laundry in, make my way around the house to get all the trash and toys picked up from yesterday. Jay's also driving me crazy, begging to watch an episode of Team Umizoomi, so I oblige while I put Em down for tummy time and get blog work done

10 am- Jay begs for another show to watch, I deny his requests and he settles for building with the duplo blocks. Em starts screaming so I'm off to get another bottle and play with her. I also switch out another load of laundry. I realize that I haven't eaten, and I grab myself a bowl of cereal and put Em in her high chair to play while I eat. 

Jay screams that something is broken so I go down there to help him reconstruct his tower while Em does more tummy time. Jay gets hungry so we go and get a snack. I'm starting to get a headache so I make myself some herbal tea (raspberry is my current favorite) but it's too hot and I burn my face off. 

11am- Em finally drinks her bottle and I get her swaddled and down for a nap. I make Jay a PBJ. While he's eating his lunch I unload the dishwasher and finally drink my tea. Jay finishes eating and we go wash face, hands, and brush teeth. We read three stories and he's down for his nap.

12pm- I sit down at my computer and order new running shoes, because they're on sale, and an additional 40% off and I have $40 Kohl's cash, and haven't gotten a new pair since Jay was born, and they're basically free anyways, so there's that. 

I get a few blog posts written, look around to see if there are any campaigns I can apply to, and then edit some videos for my YouTube channel. 

The plumber comes to install our new dishwasher. They're the loudest human beings on the planet. Definitely a terrible idea to have them here during nap time.

1pm- I get the laundry folded and put away. Jay and Em wake up from their naps so we come downstairs and all the furniture we just ordered for our house got delivered. I lug everything inside 1 handed while holding Em in the other hand. 

2pm- I unfold our new rug out on the carpet that Jay decides he can't stands and cries for the next 15 minutes for me to get rid of it. We go outside to take a walk and get his mind off of it, but it starts pouring when we get in the stroller so we come back inside. 

Em starts screaming for food so I get her fed while Jay reads books on the couch. 

3pm- I go downstairs and get all the laundry out of the dryer and fold it in the living room while Em is playing in her new seat we got for her, and Jay runs all over the new area rug because he's now decided it's the best thing ever. 

4pm- This is the hour Em decides everything is wrong with the world, so she cries for the next 45 minutes and I'm standing up bouncing her... this is also my arm workout for the day.

5pm- Derek comes home, and I'm starving and exhausted (if you haven't noticed, I've missed lunch). Derek has to go put together Em's crib for the nursery reveal blog post that's coming on Monday, so I have to figure out dinner with a grumpy baby and toddler (not complaining, just the situation).

6pm- I decide I don't want to cook dinner, and we got a coupon for a pizza place nearby and I call and they tell me I can't get delivery unless I thouroughly explain where we live. I tell them near the big chicken, they have no idea what I mean, I say never mind, hang up, and make spaghetti. 

7pm- Jay and Em go to bed. We're out of baby formula so I run to Target. I didn't realize that I would have to take the highway to get to Target, get stuck in crazy Atlanta traffic, and what was supposed to be a 30 minute event turns into an hour and a half. 

9pm- I get home, Derek is putting the changing table together in the living room, I put the groceries away and start getting ready for bed. 

Em starts screaming for food so I feed her (she eats basically every 4 hours at night).

Derek and I watch two episodes of Friends on Netflix and I go to bed. 

10pm- The day is over, and I wake up at 12am, 4am, and 8am to feed Em again. 

Because I want you all to get a good breakfast and fuel your day right, I'm giving away $15 paypal cash to one lucky reader so they can start their day off right with some Cheerios and OJ, just don't forget about the $2 off coupon too! Giveaway will run until April 4th at 11:59pm. Enter using the rafflecopter below. 

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