The First Post

22 more days until we're married so I thought that it was appropriate to make our first official blog post so that everyone could be kept up to date on what Derek and I have been up to for the past 4 months! We're anxiously counting down the days until the deed is done in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple that's for sure! But for now here is a little taste of all the fun Derek and I have had together so far!
The time we were ambitious and hiked the "G" in Pleasant Grove
The time we hung out after we went to Chandler's homecoming talk.
The time we went to Idaho so I could meet Derek's family.
The time we went on a tandem bike ride through Saint Anthony.
The time Derek propose to me in the Bean Life Science Museum on BYU campus by the moose just because he knew they were my favorite animal!
The time we went to Trent and Natalie's reception and they had an awesome photo booth!
We decided to start going on dates that represented each letter of the alphabet so in this case "A" was for Arctic Circle & going to the Arcade!
A girl in our ward, Denise Rigby did our engagement pictures for us! She is so talented! We love her!
For our "B" date we had a Barbecue but due to the weather we wound up having to do it inside. Don't let the sunshine in the window fool you, it was super wet outside!
I made Derek humor me on Memorial Day so that we could wear our matching green shirts. No one really noticed but it was still fun!
For our "C" date we "Cooked Cupcakes" for our ward's break the fast that we were having Sunday! They were super great and everyone in the ward loved them!
For our "D" date we went to the Sand Dunes in Saint Anthony when we went up to Idaho for the weekend. We didn't stay very long just because it was really windy and I was getting sand all over me but it was still fun to joke around and pretend we were in Israel for 5 minutes!
For our "E" date, Derek wanted to take me to Einstein Bagels but they we're closed, so we wound up going to El Azteca instead, which for the record does not taste as good as it does if it's the first thing you've eaten all day after skiing for eight hours, trust me! But it was still fun!
After that we were going to go to this one store in the mall that started with an "E" but it was closed so we decided to just see a movie instead. This was probably one of my favorite books that I read in second grade even though I don't really remember the book that much I was super excited to see the movie and really did love it!
For our "F" date we went to Fudrucker's and got some amazing burgers, and for the record, yes I really did eat my entire burger, but yes, it was a veggie burger!
After that we went for a drive to find a field to frolic in, but that didn't work out because the field I chose was kind of sketchy so...
We went to the playground instead!
After that we went home and watched The Adventures of Food Boy, which was super hard for me to take seriously for many reasons:
1. The title.
2. It was filmed in Timpview High School which is 5 minutes from us and like 10 of my friends went there.
3. food comes out of his hands.

But there you have it, the last 4 months have definitely been amazingly fun and I can't wait to share the rest of our fun filled adventures with everyone!

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  1. Oh cute! I may have to steal the alphabet date idea!