French Toast with Homemade Bread

Remember the homemade bread that I made in this post? Well this morning I decided to turn a few pieces of it into yummy french toast! Which is my favorite breakfast food if you don't remember from my yummy pumpkin pie french toast post. Also one thing that I've really started to love recently is maple syrup made from maple extract, sugar, and water. It's a lot healthier than the processed junk that you get in the store, and making it yourself is A LOT cheaper than buying a new bottle all the time.
2 eggs
1 tsp cinnamon
2 slices of bread

1. mix eggs and cinnamon together
2. dip each side of the bread in mixture in lay in a preheated/grease frying pan on med/high heat
3. cook each side until done
4. TaDa

On an unrelated note I'm going to be going to Las Vegas this weekend with my family for Thanksgiving! So I'll be back here on Monday to show you guys some awesome pictures from our trip! I hope everyone has a happy ans safe Thanksgiving! What are you're plans?

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