Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile is a cell phone service like none other. For as low as 30/month you can have unlimited talk, text, and web. This Mint Mobile Review will tell you all you need to know!

The last several years Derek and I have been on a highly discounted T-mobile cellphone plan with friends, and were paying $40/month for both of us. We got this awesome deal because we bundled with friends, and got extra savings because our plan holder was a former veteran. It was honestly the greatest thing ever. Right after Christmas though, our friends moved to Singapore and needed to get a new phone plan that worked over there, which left Derek and I shopping for a phone plan again.

Mint mobile review

We looked into all the major phone carriers: T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. T-mobile wound up being the cheapest, but for Derek and I to stay with them, it still would have cost us $90/month. We just weren't willing to pay that at the end of the day. We've been working so hard at cutting down unnecessary expenses and paying off Derek's MBA loans (half way there as of last month!), that doubling our cellphone bill just seemed like more than we could do at the time. 

Mint Mobile Review

We came across Mint Mobile from some other friends of ours, and were instantly intrigued by a lot of things they had to offer, at a super low price. As of right now, Derek and I have used Mint Mobile for three months, and we pay just $30/month for the two of us to have unlimited talk and texting, and 3GB of 4G data per month. The best part is that when you use up your data, they just slow you down to 3G instead of charging you overages for the month, meaning our bill is always the same price, no matter what. 

Mint Mobile Review

How does billing work with Mint Mobile?

The only thing that I don't love is that you have to pay your entire bill in advance. You can trial it for three months at $15/month (per line, so $30 for us with Derek and myself), and you have to pay that all upfront, so for one line you'll pay $45, and get three months of service. After your first three months are up, if you want to keep the same $15/mo price, you have to pay for a year of service up front. Otherwise you can pay $25/month for three months ($75 up front), or $20/month for six months ($120 up front). 

Derek and I have used our first three months and are now switching over to the 12 month plan so that we can keep our $15/month price. So we will pay $180 each this month, and then not pay our phone bill again until next April. 

How is the reception/service with Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile uses the T-mobile towers, so if T-mobile gets good service in your area, you should be more than fine with the service and reception that you get on Mint. Derek and I previously were on T-Mobile before switching, so we felt comfortable with what we were getting into. 

Does the data work well with Mint Mobile?

I will be honest that even when we have all of our data for the month, it's still slower than what we used to have on T-mobile. We've researched this and because we share T-Mobile's towers, apparently T-Mobile customers get priority, and then the smaller phone services get secondary priority or something like that.  

That being said, when we have all 3GB of our data for the month it's not a huge difference, and it's never effected my ability to use my GPS when I need it and things like that. It is slow enough that watching instastories in my car isn't really that enjoyable, so I've rotted my brain less since switching which seems like a plus. 

When we use all of our data for the month and get bumped down to 3G the service is SLOW. Like have to try putting things into my GPS three times slow. But once the GPS gets going things are fine, and I've never been lost or stranded because of it. 

We've mostly have come to just rely on using wifi more than data when possible and I think it's really helped me to become less addicted to my phone, which feels like a good thing. 

Do I think Mint Mobile is worth it?

YES! Even with the slower data, we haven't had any major issues that would make me want to pay more money for my cell service. To me having slightly slower data is a small price to pay when it comes to how small our cell phone bill is. Since our alternative is paying T-Mobile $90/month, I'm completely satisfied with paying my $30/month and having less social media time when I'm out of my house. 

If you're interested in trying Mint Mobile you can sign up here to get you first three months at the introductory $15/month price. Not sponsored at all, just genuinely sharing a service we truly love. 

Have you heard of Mint Mobile? Or do you use another phone company with super low prices? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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  1. Another provider that is cheap and good(which is so subjective to everyone) is Metro PCS. They also use the same towers as TMobile. But they have their own towers as well. And while we don't get it as cheap as you, we have 3 phones with unlimited everything(no data limits as far as I have experienced) is $90. I have heard of Mint Mobile but never looked into them. Maybe when the kids get old enough for phones, this is where I will direct them!