Baby Shower

St. Patrick's day was yesterday, and I know in the world of food blogging that means that I was supposed to make 10 different things that had the color green in it and then I was supposed to finish it off with some corned beef and cabbage, however, that's not how it went for me this year. I spent my morning in the temple, followed by the beginning of my afternoon in bed with a bad preggo tummy ache (we're having a boy by the way), then I went to my friend April's baby shower where I had a food photo shoot extravaganza, and then I came home and ran with the hubs and then we worked together until 11 but it was super fun, even for its lack of my favorite color, green. However, come back tomorrow for my Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe that I'm making tonight for Sunday dinner. 

All the food was prepared by my friend Eva, and then I just did all the picture taking!
String cheese wrapped in cold cuts! Genius!
Caramel Frosted Cupcakes! I'm going to try to get this recipe from Eva!
Candy and Lemonade!
Lemonade in mason jars with a lemon wedge! 

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