Sarah's Key Book Review

Recently for my English class I read an article that I can't find anymore, nor can I remember who it was by, but the base of the article said that when you read something, it should change something inside of you. It should change the way you look at the world, and it should change the way you embrace the world. When you read a book it should make you become a better person. This book did that to me. This was the book that my church picked out for book club for the month of January, and while I did not get to participate in book club because of a school meeting, I did still read the book and it was amazing. Although there are quite a few instances of inappropriate language, which actually shocked me that it was picked out for the church book club book but I'll explain. 

So this book takes place in France in 1942 during the Jewish roundup that took place in France upon German orders. The book goes back and forth between a girl in 1942 who's family was captured by Nazi's and a woman in 2000 who has to write an article for the magazine that she works for about this same roundup. At one point in the story, the two separate stories become one, and it really is an amazing story. Most of the foul language takes place in the beginning during the concentration camp parts, and there are only about 3-4 swear words, so just watch out, but you really should read this book!


  1. Didn't they make this into a movie? Because I'm pretty sure it was the most depressing movie ever. Did you find the book to be better? (I'm ok with depress fest if it somehow moves me to be a better person or something.)

    1. Yeah it was pretty depressing, but it really brought out a lot of things from the holocaust, that I really didn't know about, which I guess I should say that this was a historical fiction, so the story isn't real, but the parts about the holocaust are, so it just really opened my eyes to a whole other part of it that I didn't know existed! And yes, it is a movie! Which I actually just found out about 20 minutes ago, so now I really want to watch it!