Easter in DC

This year for Easter we went to DC for the weekend to meet up with Derek's younger sister Maurcine who was on her senior class trip. The days that she was in DC lined up perfectly with the long weekend so we decided to take advantage of it and go. We had so much fun just being out of the house and doing something different from our everyday routine so that was really great. We got to see a lot of great sites including, the Pentagon Memorial, the Air force Memorial, the Air and Space Museum, The DC temple and visitors center, and lots of other sites from the comfort of our own car as we were stuck in traffic in the heart of DC at one point for two hours! We also enjoyed dinner Saturday night at a really yummy French place which was fun because Derek got to use his French to our old waiter! On Easter Sunday we went to the DC temple and took pictures outside before sacrament meeting and then after church we went over to the visitors center. After which we met up with Derek's sister again to eat at Panera and then we went back to our hotel for the night where the real fun began. Jay didn't sleep the whole night which resulted in me being pretty grumpy this morning, so instead of going to the zoo like planned we just headed home in hopes of Jay sleeping in the car, which he did and we were grateful for!


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