My Birthday!

I'm surprised that since I made such a big deal out of turning 22 that it's actually taken me so long to write about it here on the blog! Derek being the great husband that he is allowed me to convince him to not go to work that day, and so we got to spend the entire day together! Awesome gift in and of itself! We then opened presents and ate donuts for breakfast in the morning. Went couponing and ate some yummy couponing Chinese food for lunch. After that we went to my favorite burger place here in Durham, Only Burger, for my birthday dinner. Once that long list of things was complete, Derek was pretty wiped out, but I still had more birthday to be had, so I went to the RS activity at church while Derek relaxed and got Jay in bed and had a few hours to himself.

It wasn't until, the next day that we finally got to do the cake because each time we went out to the store we kept forgetting to buy birthday candles, and I wasn't going to settle for any less than 22 on my cake. I know you're all curious to know if my lung capacity at such an age would allow me to blow out all my candles, don't worry, they we're all out in one puff. Jay did help though by getting them a little wet with spit for me before hand.

I received the greatest care package from the Flamm's and gift cards from my mom, the Dennis' and my dad. Derek treated me to a new lens on my camera, but the best part was really just getting to be home to spend it with Derek and Jay. I couldn't have asked for more on the birthday that I had anxiously been waiting my entire life for!

Jay still thinks cake is gross. Cake on him is from our efforts, not his... 

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