Thirsty Thursday: Virgin Bloody Mary's

Growing up my dad drank Virgin Bloody Mary's quite often (I'm assuming they were virgin since he let me have some...?) I remember when I was 6 or 7, and I saw him drinking one, I decided that life could not go on without trying what was in my dad's glass. He told me that it was spicy, and that I wasn't going to like it. The latter of that statement was a lie because I was in love. This started a ritual of my first grade self coming home from school and my dad making me some tomato juice with crushed red pepper and Tabasco sauce. Yes, I had quite the pallet for a 6 year old I must admit.

I actually don't drink these very often anymore because I don't really have any other practical use for buying tomato juice. Whenever we go on a flight somewhere though, I always order the "spicy tomato juice", and I'm in heaven for those few minutes that I'm slugging it down.

This week we happened to have tomato juice in the house for another recipe I was making and decided that a Virgin Bloody Mary was absolutely in order. Like my 6 year old self, when Jay saw me drinking it he pointed and demanded that I gave him some, but being the mean parent that I am I convinced my 18 month old that it was icky to save him from the scorched taste buds and tears that were sure to ensue.

Tomato juice
1/4 tsp celery salt
1/2 tsp crushed red pepepr
4 drops Tabasco sauce
Celery Stalk (optional garnish)

Put a handful of ice in a 12oz glass, and fill with tomato juice to the stop, add in the rest of the ingredients, and stir! Your taste buds will be delighted, promise!


  1. I have actually never tried a bloody mary... it never really looked to tasty (or pretty for that matter) but the virgin version I could def see myself trying. If I do, I promise to let you know!

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  2. This recipe looks great for a Sunday brunch after church.

  3. I have never tried bloody mary virgin or not virgin, for the reasons that I don't like tomato juice very much! :D
    Anyways, it was a really great story to read, it is so nice your dad and you had such a nice ritual! It must bring back so many great memories! :)