A Lunchbox Makeover

While I only have one child, and he isn't school aged yet, I still find myself in the predicament of deciding how to make lunch a fun event for my child so that he'll want to eat it. Through trial and error over the last few months, I've learned a few tricks that always seem to work for the toddler in my life.

1. Bright Colors: My little man is a very visual guy. When he see's something he likes he can't help but exclaim, "woooow!" It's the sweetest thing ever. I like to do this by offering a variety of fruits and vegetables and displaying them in a way that makes them both fun and appetizing at the same time.

2. Make a Picture: I'm totally the mom that will take any chance she can get at making a smiley face out of someones food. Whether it's a ketchup face on a hamburger, or a veggie face on a sandwich, silly and easy creativity is a great way to get your kids to eat those healthy lunches.

3. Juice: We may or may not have convinced our child that juice is in fact a form dessert, and is a glorious luxury. When we gave him a small amount of Fruitshoot juice with his lunch one day, I'm sure it made his taste buds go crazy and it helped him to eat the rest of his meal too. Fruit juices are a great way to make sure your child is getting the hydration he needs without having to give into unhealthy beverages like soda. In fact, my son liked Fruitshoot so much that he begged for it at the fridge the next day until I finally gave him some more! The taste buds of a toddler are clearly incapable of deceit.

While compensation for this post was provided by Robinson's Fruitshoot, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. This is too cute! I'll have to remember these tips when I have my own kids ;)
    xo TJ