5 Ingredient Pasta Salad

A couple weeks ago in church I decided to sit next to the new person in Relief Society because hey, they were new, and looked cool, so why not? We sat talking for a few minutes and then the meal calendar went around to feed the missionaries. I signed up and wrote "Flamm" on my respected day. She looked over, and said, "Is your last name Flamm?! That's my maiden name!" Turns out Missy (who by the way has an awesome blog you should read), is a third cousin of Derek's. Neither one of them had met each other before, but we've become instant great friends. 

We had dinner over at their house a last week, and I was asked to bring a salad. Deciding to go against my normal green salad, I decided to make a pasta salad. Turns out Missy was planning on making pasta that night, but was able to make a quick change and turn it into enchiladas instead! They were seriously the best enchiladas ever by the way! 

After dinner, Missy spoiled us by letting us pick through three huge bins full of girl clothes that she was going to give to goodwill if we didn't want it. We left her house with one bin overflowing with clothes, an entire bag full of bottles, and a complete bedding set for our little girl's crib. I was so grateful! We seriously won't need to buy anything for this girls first year! I mean, we will definitely still get a couple cute going out outfits for each size, but we've got all the staples and then some!

I then actually made this same salad a couple days later to bring to my friend Julia's house for a General Conference Luncheon. It was a success once again. I love my old pasta salad recipe, but this one is so much easier, that I think it's just my new go to from now on. 

1/2 lb bow tie pasta
1 large tomato, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced
2oz sliced black olives
1 cup Italian dressing (I like to use zesty)

Cook pasta according to box directions. Dice veggies. When pasta is cooked, drain and run under lightly flowing cold water to get the heat out. Drain pasta again. Mix together the pasta, veggies, and dressing. Refrigerate until serving. 

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  1. That's so awesome you've become great friends, and you got so many things you need for your baby! This pasta salad looks so delicious!