How to Save Money on Household Products!

Toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, baby wipes... etc... they're the things we all forget about when making our monthly budget (or is that just me?), and when you run out, they never seem to be on sale, and then you spend a ton of money trying to restock your house with them. 

I thought that I was saving a ton of money by purchasing these items at Sam's Club, but I was wrong. Way wrong. I thought that purchasing a massive pack of paper towels must be a good deal, and hey, it is only $14 dollars, what can it hurt? When I did the math I realized that I was paying over $1/roll. That is robbery in my book! Especially since I've pretty much memorized all the numbers on this stock-up price list. I now know that I should never pay more than 50 cents/roll for paper towels, and never more than 24 cents/roll of toilet paper (unless it's a double roll, then we can up it to about 48 cents).

One way that I love getting good deals on household products is through Amazon Subscribe and Save. This is not an amazon sponsored post, so this is purely me sharing what works best for us. With Subscribe and save, they often have deals where the prices for high quality name brand products are dramatically reduced, and then they will often have a coupon for a dollar or two off the sale price that will be added to your account at checkout, and then you can start scoring some serious deals! Better than that, if you have 5 subscriptions for 1 month, then they will take an additional 15-20% off your entire order! I've never gotten that intense with it, but if you really needed to stock up on things, and you got 5 killer deals, can you imagine the savings? My heart skips a beat just thinking about it! 

The best part is that if you have Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping, or if you have an order of $35+. So then on top of awesome savings, you are getting awesome deals without having to leave your house and waste gas money. It's a win win for your wallet and your car. 

While I find it over whelming to look on Amazon for all the deals myself, I let someone else do the work for me. One of my favorite "deals" blogs are, Freebies 2 Deals. She scours Amazon (and the rest of thee internet), looking for the best deals on practically everything. Whenever I find myself low on diapers or toilet paper, or whatever it may be, I go to her website, and scroll through a couple pages, and I'm usually always guaranteed to find a great amazon deal on something I'm running low on! 


  1. Wow this is a great tip!!! Totally true about the price per roll. Usually I wait till Target offers a $5 gift card and try to stack a coupon with it to get my TP and Paper Towels on sale.
    xo, Lee

  2. I keep telling myself I need to do the amazon subscription. It would save a lot of money!


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