Summer Cool Down with Klondike Kandy Bars

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Klondike, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #KandyBar

When I was pregnant with Jay I told myself I would never do a summer pregnancy ever again, yet here I am, hot and pregnant, with the entire summer ahead of me. Most of our days are spent indoors in either our cool apartment or air conditioned libraries to avoid me going from zero to crazy in a matter of seconds. However, when Derek comes home from work each day we like to unplug and get outside with Jay for a little while by either swimming, playing with sidewalk chalk, or blowing bubbles. You know, every almost two year old's favorite activities.

To make our time outside in this southern heat a little more bearable, I always make sure to bring one or two Klondike Kandy Bars outside with us to all share while we enjoy our daily family time. They keep me cooled down, they taste great, and help me prove to the world that every once in a while I do let my child have sweets.

Jay's bite of his first Klondike Bar was priceless. He took a bite and said, "MMM!" for a solid thirty seconds while rubbing his belly, letting daddy and myself know that he fully approved of the peanuts and caramel version of this delicious summertime treat. Also, it should be noted that Jay blew bubbles on his own after taking his first bite of a Klondike Bar, so yes, eating ice cream does give you special powers.


  1. ugh, my weakness! yum--and adorable photos! xoxo from nyc &