Have a Ball Stunt Hunt with Fruitshoot

Compensation for this post was provided by Linqia for participation in the Have a Ball Stunt Hunt with Robinson's Fruitshoot. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Jay is at this fun age where his imagination is starting to develop, and the things he does completely crack my husband and I up sometimes. We've been working on teaching him the art of bowling over the last couple weeks, but it's not clicking to say the least. He's much more interested in turning pins into swords, being a human bulldozer and knocking them over, and of course, just running right through them.

Fruitshoot is celebrating creative imaginations by holding a video contest to see which kids can be most imaginative with normal household items. In this case- a ball and some juice bottles. Luckily these two items can entertain a two year old for a couple hours so it was really fun doing this with Jay. For our video, we chose (i.e., Jay chose...) to do the ultimate bowling fake out! You can enter your awesome less-than-30-second videos and read all the details here.

Some of the other activities we had with these bottles were: Keep Jay from knocking down the pins, use the bottles as drum sticks on dad's back, organize the bottles for bowling that won't happen, run through the bottles, and of course, tear them down as fast as mom and dad can get them up. Seriously, I should stop recycling (wait, I don't recycle)... and let Jay play with empty bottles more often.


  1. Love this so cute and looks like so much fun!
    Emma| With A City Dream

  2. OMG this is too cute. Your kid is adorable!! He is enjoying his bowling for sure!