23 Things I'm Grateful for this Holiday Season

This year has been crazy. If you've been following us for any length of time this year, I'm sure you would agree. From me getting my A.S. (after 8 semesters), to Derek finishing his undergrad in a couple weeks... being pregnant, and e v e r y t h i n g that went along with that, and all the little things in between there is a lot to be grateful for. And while this isn't included in the list of 23 things below, I'm grateful for this blog and for the creative and personal outlet that it's given me this year. It's a good distraction for me during stressful times, and a good place to vent during said times as well. So thank you for reading along!

Shirt: Old Navy| Skirt: Old Navy (sold out, similar)| Shoes: Kohl's| Necklace: Nordstrom

In no particular order, here are just a few of the things I'm grateful for:
  1. Modern medicine and doctors that are able to track Em and help her to have the best life possible.
  2. Essential oils that have prevented us having to see said doctors a few times this year.
  3. My husband and all the hard work that he does for our family.
  4. My inner perfectionist that works hard to learn new things to implement here on the blog, in my photography, and in my Etsy shop
  5. Jay and his sweet personality. Seriously, how did I get so lucky!
  6. Supportive family literally in all four corners of the country that helped us get through this last year.
  7. Extra income that I've been able to make that has helped with the abundance of extra medical bills, and student loans.
  8. Getting to live in such a beautiful city, in a beautiful home, with my beautiful family. 
  9. A loving Heavenly Father who surprisingly doesn't put a quota on the numbers of blessings/miracles one family can experience in a single calendar year. 
  10. People who show up at my front door with the first fresh peaches, and first pint of gelato that I've ever eaten in my life. 
  11. Being surrounded by people who truly mourn with those who mourn, and comfort those who stand in need of comfort.
  12. A baby who sleeps through the night.
  13. Tall sizes at Old Navy that can make short skirts knee length... as seen above.
  14. Food that is always on our table and in our home.
  15. Heat that is flowing through the vents of said home (except in poor Jay's room, but he has extra blankets).
  16. The opportunity to be a stay at home mom. Spending my days with my babies is amazing.
  17. Church callings that force me to be a better wife and have a positive attitude about the fact that Derek has to stay later every Sunday.
  18. Employers who have gotten in contact with Derek for potential new jobs.
  19. Along with that, Employers who fly Derek out for actual interviews... even better.
  20. A washer and dryer in my home. Not that I use them very often, but if they weren't in our apartment I'm convinced I would never do laundry.
  21. Along those same lines... a dishwasher too. 
  22. Extended family in NC that lets us come over for Thanksgiving dinner 
  23. Church, the gospel, and all that is right in my life... #BecauseofHim


  1. Looks like you have a lot to be thankful for. Congratulations on your precious baby.
    Happy Thanksgiving! :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. So much to be thankful for! and I love your skirt! Happy Thanksgiving :)


  3. Yay for newly discovered extended family!