PicStick Insta Magnets

A couple years ago on Taza's blog she mentioned how she had gotten her Instagram pictures printed out onto magnets that she had on her dishwasher. I thought that was pretty much the coolest thing ever and really wanted to do it. But, I'm cheap so I never really got around to it. Which obviously means I was really excited when PicStick approached me a couple weeks ago to do a collaboration over here on the blog! PicStick connects with your Facebook and other social media accounts to let you print your pictures fast, and easily... on magnets! 

We got ours in the mail last night and I just love looking at them when I'm in the kitchen! Because, you know, if you have to be in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, you might as well get to at least look at adorable pictures of your family while you're at it right? Jay has probably had the most fun with these. I put them on the dishwasher when they first came. Which apparently was the silliest thing ever, so Jay has taken it upon himself to move them back and forth from the fridge to the dishwasher... he's still rearranging them right now as I type this! You can get 25% off your next PicStick order by using promo code FLAMMILY25 at checkout! Woot woot! Ps, I think these would make awesome grandparent gifts for Christmas ;)

PicStick did provide me with a free sheet of pictures, but all thoughts, opinions, and two year olds are my own. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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