My First Stitch Fix

Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you a super fun company, Stitch Fix. I had seen a bunch of bloggers using them, and I just had to give it a try for myself. This weekend I got my first "fix" in the mail, and I'm completely hooked to say the least.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for women. With Stitch Fix, you provide your style, size, and budget preferences, and they will send you a package of goodies for you to try on at home! There is a $20 styling fee that is applied to your order should you decide to keep any/all of the pieces. If you don't keep anything, you don't receive a refund of the fee. And if you keep all the pieces, you get a 25% discount on everything. Also, I should mention that you are only charged once you "check out" at Stitch Fix. You have a few days to try everything on and the box comes with a bag and a prepaid USPS return label so you can easily send back what you don't want to keep.

I'm now going to show you exactly what I got, how much it cost, what I did or did not like about each item, and what I kept and sent back. As a disclaimer, pieces from Stitch Fix are more expensive than the normal Target clothes I'm usually drawn to, but one of my clothing goals (does that sound vain and dumb?), is to add more quality pieces to my closet that will last longer than a bunch of things from Target that will wear out in a month. I've kind of realized over the last few months that I probably spend more money on cheap clothes that rip, tear, and break, than I would if I got something a little better in quality the first time around... anyways... here we go!

1. Renee C, Macklin Polka Dot Print V-Neck Blouse $28: When I pulled this out of the box I didn't think it was very me at all. It's a hi-lo top which I usually stray away from, but when I looked in the mirror I really loved it. My only problem was that it was a little too wide in the shoulders and I knew that I would be adjusting it all the time to cover bra straps and what not. Verdict: Sent Back

2. Loveappella, Dellen Chiffon Trim Striped Thermal $54: I liked the idea of this shirt, but in practice and price it just didn't come together for me. The cuffs on the sleeves were too suffocating for my wrists, and as a mom, I need to be able to roll up my sleeves on the fly...  Verdict: Sent Back

3. & 4.Skies Are Blue, Charlene Plaid Cotton Button-Up $54, and Just Black, Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean $78: I loved that they sent me a plaid shirt! I LOVE plaid, but I wasn't in love with the coloring (or price) of this one, so I wound up sending it back. I naturally have curvy legs, always have, always will... so these jeans ending right at my ankles were not flattering for me at all, and if I'm going to spend that much money on pants... they better make my legs look smaller. Verdict: Sent Back

Bixon Ivy, Nielson Lightweight Cotton Cardigain $64: When I took this out of the box I didn't really like it. Then I tried it on and loved it! It's so soft, and cozy, and I really have zero cardigans in my closet right now. The price was a lot more than I ever really want to EVER spend on a cardigan, but I got impulsive and bought it. I also justified that it was kind of only $44 since I already paid them $20 (super poor justification I realize) But I bought it and will now wear it everyday to make up for it. Verdict: Keep!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Do you think it's something that you would try? 
As a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post, I tried, and paid for this "fix" with my own money. Therefore all thoughts and opinions are my own. You can sign up for Stitch Fix here, and I'd love to here about your experience!


  1. I have been reading about this from other bloggers too - sounds super interesting! May have to check them out! Love the plaid top :) -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  2. I think adding good, quality pieces to your wardrobe is a great clothing goal!

    I really love the idea of Stitch Fix. I want to try it!

  3. I really love that cardigan! I'm glad that you kept it!!


  4. I actually think those jeans are so flattering on you! I would have told you to keep keep keep. I wish they had a subscription for clothes where you could wear the clothes for a month then you send them all back and get new clothes for the next month. Like a netflix of clothing. If I'm going to spend good money on clothes I want them to be perfect and so I don't think I would trust stitch fix, but if I was going to where them a few times, enjoy them and then pass along the ones I didn't love, I would totally do it.

    1. Have you heard of Le Tote? I haven't tried them, but from what I understand, this is basically exactly what they do.