Switching to Simply Prepaid by T-Mobile

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I love my cell phone. I'm not one of those people who can never put it down, but it is a major part of what I do in a day, and to have one that can keep up with everything I do is important to me. Recently Derek and I had to make a decision as to whether or not we were going to renew our two year contract with our current cell phone provider and ultimately decided not to renew because we knew we could save big money by going to other companies.

We headed to Walmart to try out the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid plan, along with some new Samsung Avant phones and were over the moon happy about our decision. For $40/mo ($80 for the two of us), we were able to get unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data. We cut our cell phone bill in half without having to make any compromises. Which is pretty much the best silver lining in the world of cellphones ever. 

Being a blogger (or a human in 2015 in general I suppose), I put my phone through a lot in a day. I start off my day by hopping on my phone during Em's morning bottle. I usually have about 20 e-mails every morning that need my attention, so I sift through those and then make my rounds through all my social media. 

Then at some point in the day (or pretty much all day), I'm in the kitchen preparing food for 
someone... which means I'm using my phone to look up recipes and help me get food on the table for hungry husbands and demanding two-year-olds. Did you know two-year-olds never actually stop eating? I think that's a solid fact actually. 

Then nap time is when I plow through all my major writing and editing on my computer and I need to have my phone up as a second window for e-mails. The fact that I seriously get so much out of my phone without having to make any sacrifices is pretty much the best thing ever. My phone is a major part of my day and something I need to be on point at all times.

My dad has been using prepaid phone plans for years, and we honestly all made fun of him. I was totally in the mindset that you couldn't have a good phone, good service, any of it, if you weren't in a two year agreement with someone. My dad has the last laugh now though because I love that with the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid plan there are no overages, credit checks, or contracts. The thing I love most though is that you can still have an awesome phone. The Samsung Avant has all the things I need and want in a phone... 5 megapixel camera, forward facing camera, wifi connectivity, all the apps I could dream of. There has been no settling, and it's the best! Wireless is changing, so it's time we changed the way people see prepaid plans! Seriously, try out T-Mobile Simply Prepaid, cause it's bomb.

What do you think of the Simply Prepaid plan from T-Mobile? Do you use a prepaid plan? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I hope my daughter eats. She is 22 months and hates all food. Maybe chips is all she likes. Horrible. Your pictures are great quality.

  2. We've been using prepaid for 4 years! We go through Virgin Mobile though. We'll never go back! :)