Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

This weekend we finally made our way out of the house to do some fun things. My favorite part about Derek's new job is that he gets every other Friday off of work. It also means that he works nine hour days instead of eight all the other days that he works, but a three-day-weekend is a good trade off in my opinion. Friday we got a bunch of housework done, and then went to the library after nap time. Saturday we made a last minute decision to go to the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History and it was a blast. If you want to know what heaven looks like for a two-year-old boy, it's a large building, filled with large trains. 

After WWII the US sent France 49 box cars filled with food and other supplies to help with the reconstruction efforts. As a thank you, France gave every state, including the territory of Hawaii their own box car. This was the box car given to Georgia, and their often called the Merci Train. This also proves that we try to find all the French things everywhere we go. 

It's not an outing with Jay if he doesn't find something to be OCD about. We love this little organizing boy. 


  1. This is so cute! My son would love this museum too.....2 year old boys and their train obsessions! So fun
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  2. My son had his 4th birthday at a train museum. Aren't museums great!! FUN day!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun!!


  4. Darling family!

    xo, j