What's in My Beach Bag: Baby Edition

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I've been doing this Mom gig for a while now. We're coming up on three years this August, and since we've lived in the south for all of those summers we've got plenty of beach, or lake day experience under our belt. I've learned that there are a lot of things I need to pack, and a lot of things that I don't. I also feel like the more kids I have, the less stuff I bring with me. I only have two arms, so more children means less things, and if it all can't fit in one reasonable sized bag, it's not coming with us. Plus, behind me is Derek with the umbrella, cooler, shovel, and pail, so he's incapable of helping with extras. Here is my list of ten things needed for every beach mom's bag:

Swim Diapers: I used to think these were super gimmicky, and the first time we took Jay swimming we didn't use them. As you can imagine the normal diaper exploded everywhere, made a huge mess, and forced us to learn the hard way that Huggies Swim Diapers are where it's at! They're also easy to grab on your way to the beach from CVS, and they always have sales, and coupons, like this $2 off $10 Huggies Purchase, so it's pretty much a no brainer. Also, pack some non-swim diapers and wipes for after swimming.

Bathing Suits: A little self explanatory but, just don't forget them! I like to change my kids at the beach so that they can have dry clothes to wear home, and bathing suits take up less room in the bag then an entire change of clothes for each kid.

Romper: I'm not that mom that likes to let it all hang out on the beach, and I find wearing a romper over my suit is just a lot more functional for playing in the sand, and I'm less likely to get sand in #alltheplaces.

Sunscreen: I kind of personally feel that baby specific sunscreen is a load of hoo ha. I just bring one spray bottle of SPF 100 Sport, spray us all down, and we're good to go. I should note that none of us have sensitive skin so my methods may not work for everyone, so if you use normal sunscreen on your child and they get a rash, don't kill me.

Towels: Another obvious one, but we don't bring a specific beach blanket, we just use our towels. Less things to pack and a double purpose.

Sunglasses: I bought my first pair of sunglasses in 10 years last year, and I was all, "where have these been all my life?"

Flotation Device: You know, because floating children are safe and happy children.

Baby Powder: This is one of those Pinterest hacks that really work. We rub this on ourselves before we go home and it takes all the sand off instantly.

Flip-flops: If for some reason we're not already wearing these on our feet, they'll get thrown in the bag so we haven them on the beach. There is pretty much nothing worse then dumping sand out of sneakers.

Hats: If you haven't noticed, we've all got pretty pale skin, blue eyes, and light hair over here. (Derek's hair is dark but he actually burns the worst out of all of us), we need the hats for complete skin protection!

So that's my list of beach necessities for my mommy beach day diaper bag! What are products that you can't live without


  1. A floating device is always necessary! So cute! I also love your beach bag!


  2. Never knew that about baby powder! Thanks for the tip!

    Pink Wings

  3. I never knew the baby powder hack! I will have to try it! #client

  4. Great list! We took Everly to Mexico when she was 5 months and we had most, but the baby powder is great!