Best and Easiest Chicken Fried Rice

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You guys know I'm always going to be here for you to give you recipes that won't break the bank, and that are super delicious right? Oh, and convientient and easy. Because no one has time to be spending an hour in the kitchen on a Wednesday night when two kids are getting angry. That's why this chicken and rice recipe is golden. 

Lets back the train up for one second though. Did you guys know that Tyson makes their grilled and ready chicken, and you can pick it up in the frozen food section right at your local Walmart? I had no clue, but this is a total game changer! I found out about it a couple weeks ago, and the fact that I can pull out a couple pieces of Chicken Breast and heat them in the microwave for a couple minutes, and then have perfectly cooked chicken is amazing. I'm the worst with remembering to take the uncooked chicken out of the freezer in time for dinner, and then once it's thawed you have to cook it... But this stuff is a total 5 minutes of time commitment to have it ready in time for dinner. And just like all Tyson chicken, it's all natural so you can feel good about feeding it to your family. The possibilities with this are endless. 

I decided to whip up a quick dinner last night and paired this chicken with some of the new Bird's Eye Asian Style Protien Blend. It's a combination of rice, edemame, and other veggies, tossed in an Asian style sauce and is super delicious. It was a super healthy, and easy dinner, that took maybe 10 minutes total to get on the table? That's a weeknight win right there. 

There's also going to be an in-store demo at select Walmart stores from 6/25-6/28, you can check this list to see if your store is on the list. Because what's better than getting to try food before you actually buy it?

2 Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken Breast Fillets
1 Bag Bird's Eye Asian Style Protein Blend

Prepare the rice and chicken according to the package instructions, and then toss the two together for a super quick and easy weeknight meal!


  1. That's just plain scary. How much time does it take to throw a bird in the oven and leave it to cook and chop a few veggies to throw on rice? We have no idea what nastiness is in that packaged garbage. Yuck, just yuck.