A New Inexpensive Essential Oil Brand

Over six months ago I got tired of paying the high prices for essential oils set by the standard essential oil companies that we all know about. In a search for a new company I set five goals for things that were important to me. The oils had to be derived from plants that were grown in their native country, the company had to provide a lifetime guarantee for their oils, they had to make a lavish claim about having the highest quality oils in all the world (like all the other major oil companies), they had to have their material safety data sheets available stating how their oils were produced, and it couldn't be a direct marketing company because I wanted a lower cost oil that removed the middle man. After a couple weeks of digging around I ran into Nature's Fusions.

Once I had learned all of this information about the company I placed an order for three of their oil blends and to be honest, I was a little skeptical when I first got them. I ordered three blends, two of which were supposed to be "dupes" for blends that I was used to ordering from Doterra. The first one was Dragon's Breath (Doterra's OnGuard), and the other one was Crystal Breath (Doterra's Breathe). 

Dragon's Breath is an immune boosting blend that it supposed to protect you from, and kill off any bacteria that is in your body that is either making you sick, or could be making you sick. Basically when my kids get sick  I slather this all over their feet a few times a day, and within a couple days they're not sick anymore. (Note: in the 20 months that I've used essential oils, we've had one sick visit to the doctors for our kids and it turned out to be allergies and not illness, before that Jay was sick all the time.) The Crystal Breath blend is one that we use when our kids are congested. Again, I rub a few drops on the bottoms of their feet and within a few minutes they're significantly less congested and can breathe and sleep happier again. The third blend that I bought was Nature's Sword which is supposed to have more strength than the Dragon's Breath, so I just slather that on my kid's feet as well and call it a day. 

When I first bought the oils I wasn't fully convinced that they would work because they felt, and smelled a little different than Doterra's oils and I was almost ready to get my money back guarantee just as soon as they came through my door. However last spring when we ordered them, Em got a cold and my only options were to either rush order the oils I used to use, or use the new ones and see how they worked. I put the new oils to the test and sure enough it knocked the cold right out of her within a day.  

A few weeks ago I noticed I was running low on all of my oils and was going to place a massive Doterra order because I still wasn't fully convinced with these new ones. Then this weekend Em got sick and I was torn between the options of rush shipping some Doterra oils off Amazon (which I actually did but then I still had to wait 12+ hours for them to get here), or use the new oils again. Deciding that Em couldn't wait 12 hours for the Amazon order, I used the new oils again and was pretty amazed by the results! Derek had been holding her for over an hour because she couldn't breathe well and was miserable. I rubbed three drops of each of my three oils on the bottoms of her feet and within a few minutes she was breathing easily again and able to get to sleep. She then slept from 10pm all the way until 6am (which was the longest stretch she'd slept in two days), and then I fed her and gave her more oils and she slept again until 8:30am. 

I'm officially 100% on board with the Nature's Fusion essential oils, and at this point, I don't think I'll be going back to the other major oil companies anytime soon. My favorite perks are that shipping is a flat $4, or free for orders over $100, you can checkout with paypal (which is awesome because that's where a majority of my paychecks get sent to), and my favorite oil blends are all significantly cheaper than what I used to be pay for them. If you haven't noticed... saving money is one of my all time favorite things. 


  1. Hey, I was not aware about Nature's Fusion essential oils. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I am a newbie when it comes to essential oils, but will totally check out Nature's Fusion (especially since I'm always looking for cost-effective options for everyday use). If you have any in particular you could recommend for someone just starting out, please let me know, and thanks for this post! :)

  3. You have me convinced that I need to try essential oils! I've been wanting to try them for a while but don't want to spend too much. Thanks for doing the research to find a less expensive company that still has quality products! I need to get some oils asap because I've been trying to fight something off all week and I'm still not feeling better.


  4. Thanks for the thorough post. I've been wanting to try and possibly sell essential oils myself.