Home Tour: Dining Room Reveal

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Getting this house to be fully organized, decorated, and feeling like a home has been such a long process. We have been here for six months now, and it's just barely starting to feel settled. I think my biggest thing to overcome when decorating a home is finding the pieces I want, without breaking the bank. I also hate the idea of having to spend an entire day going from one store to another to get everything I need, which ultimately leaves most of our house with blank white walls everywhere. 

A few weeks ago I headed into to Big Lots and was amazed at the selection of home decor pieces they had. There were so many things that I felt like fit into the mold of my own personal style, that also flowed nicely with the overall design in the rest of the rooms in our home. I really love muted teal, blue, and green colors, and those are the colors that appear throughout our house. I was amazed at the large selection that Big Lots offered to help meet my personal style, and different styles and tastes for other people too. There is seriously something for everyone there. 

The hardest part about our dining room was finding pieces that fit the narrow walls that we have in there. We have a large sliding glass door that takes up one entire wall of the room, and then a window on the other full wall. This didn't leave much room to actually hang things. I loved how I was able to fill the blank space with small/narrow pieces, and make it feel like a more inviting room to be in. 

My favorite part about the space was that there was just enough room to hang our Family Home Evening sign that we had been gifted last Christmas. It had sat unused in our bedroom for the longest time and I love that we were able to finally get it hung up. I also love that it fit perfectly on the space we had planned for it, and that our three decorative mirrors really helped add a little more interest to what otherwise would have looked a little bare and awkward. 

Overall I'm really happy with how this space turned out. It feels amazing to have the main living area of our house finished and now we can get working on the master bedroom, and Jay's room in the next few months. With our luck we'll get this house just how we want it about a week before we wind up moving in March. That's usually how these things work out right? 

Where do you love to purchase home decor items? I love that Big Lots has a wide variety of window treatments, wall art, throw pillows and more so that you can decorate your entire home while only having to shop at one place! Styles and assortment may vary by store.


  1. The first time I went into Big Lots I was shocked by how much they have! Your home look beautiful!


  2. Love the cute kitchen setup! So cute.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  3. it's lovely! My dining room is really boring and needs a major overhaul! #client

  4. The updates you made look great!! I love the pop of color in the curtains! :)