Southwest Potato Skins

In just two days, March Madness will be here! Each year I always say that I'm going to make a bracket, and then I forget to do it, and then all of a sudden Derek is watching the games with his bracket filled out and I'm sitting here wondering how hes let me miss out on it yet again. This year though I'm on top of it. My bracket is filled out... Which obviously means I picked all the schools that I have an emotional attachment to (Buffalo and Utah), and none that actually have a shot at winning.

While I'm watching the madness and getting my heart ripped out from my poorly planned bracket, I'm obviously going to need some food to drown my sorrows in, and that's where Farm Rich Potato Skins come into play. I love that Farm Rich products are made with wholesome ingredients, which means there is less guilt when preparing quick and easy snacks for my family and I. 

Right now Farm Rich is running a #MadSnackSkills campaign, asking people to share creative ways they eat their Farm Rich snacks. I made these southwest potato skins by adding seasoned ground beef, corn, black beans, salsa, and jalapenos to the Farm Rich Loaded Potato Skins and they were amazing. Derek is the first one to admit that he hates it when I try to fancy up simple food, and when he ate one of these he said, "these are pretty delicious", which is a big thing coming from him. He then ate all the leftovers the next day for lunch... so they're definitely husband approved for all your March Madness needs. 

1 Box Farm Rich Loaded Potato Skins
1/2 lb ground beef
taco seasoning
1/2 cup black beans
1/2 cup corn
canned jalapenos

Cook potato skins according to package instructions. While the potato skins are cooking brown your ground beef and your desired amount of taco seasoning. When the potato skins are done cooking, add beef, beans, corn, to each potato skin, and place back in the oven for five more minutes. When everything is warmed through, remove from oven and dollop some salsa, and one jalapeno on top. Serve immediately. 

This post was created in partnership with Farm Rich in anticipation for March Madness. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.