An Astronaut Themed Birthday Party

Jay turned four on Sunday, so a few days earlier, on Friday, I threw him one of those huge and elaborate Pinterest worthy parties that Non-Pinterest moms roll their eyes at. I'm there with the eye rolling too, especially since this was my first real, big party I've ever thrown. Fake parties that I've shown on the blog for sponsors don't count as real parties, that real people go to.

astronaut themed birthday party

This all started when two weeks before his birthday, Jay said, "All I want for my birthday is for my friends to come over and eat cake with me..." I obviously couldn't say no, especially since we'd just moved, and then I went crazy a blew everything out of proportion. 

The first thing I did was plan the party games. I went all out and planned four different activities for all the kids, and then as soon as everyone got there, they ran into our toy room and played with all the toys instead of the games. Note to self, don't go all out on party games for next party. We had a lot of fun things though, like a flying saucer bean bag toss, a spaceship cardboard cut out, pin the fire on the rocket, and a coloring station where you could color space themed coloring pages. I will admit the coloring pages got colored and used more than the other games.

Once the activities were planned, I was on to figuring out the table setup and the food. This meant I spent about an hour on Pinterest planning things out, and drawing it out on paper, and making all the ideas come to life. For the food I decided to keep things simple, and relatively healthy. I hate being the parent that get's everyone's kids completely hopped up on sugar, so while we did have cupcakes and cookies, I tried to balance it with grapes (for moon rocks), watermelon (cut in the shape of stars), cheddar cheese (cut into stars), and some strawberry and banana kabobs that looked like rocketships.

The cookies were made by my friend Tiffany who just opened up her own cookie shop, The Bakesmith. She does orders out of her house, and is amazing. I showed her a picture from Pinterest of the cookies that I wanted and she did an incredible job, making them look just like the picture! If you're local to the Marietta area, check her out! All of the parents couldn't get over how cute they were, and they were delicious.

For the backdrop, I used this sky background for the backdrop, and then cut the number four out from some cardboard and painted it. I then used these space stickers from Oriental Trading to fill in the rest of the space. For the taller cake stands,  I used these ones that I made two years ago for Jay's second birthday party. I also bought two of these white trays for the cookies and fruit. I bought this foam disc to go on top of one of the cake stands so the watermelon sticks could hold onto something. I then bought this foam ball, cut it in half, and then frosted it with gray frosting to make it look like a moon. Then I stuck one of these astronauts on top, and life was perfect. I also bought those three matching bowls at the dollar store.

I got all of my printables from this blog, and then had them printed at Staples. You could easily print them yourself, but I knew I would go through a couple ink cartridges doing that, and so at that point I decided to make it easier on myself and just get them printed. So much less work on my end too, and better quality.

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  1. You are such a cool mom and he is such a lucky boy! Happy 4th Birthday to Jay!!!

  2. What a clever theme and all the details are so well done. Such a fun age, I am sure it was so special for him!