Home Tour: The Master Bedroom (& VIDEO!)

Do you ever have periods in your life where you wake up each morning and think, "I'm just so grateful." We've lived in our new home for a little over a month now, and I still have this, "I can't believe this is my life", or "pinch me", moment every morning when I wake up. That's not to say we live in a 3000 square foot mansion, because we don't. But this 1600 square foot home that magically had everything we wanted, with little work to be done, really has been such a dream come true. We have a few projects we want to do, like gutting the entire kitchen in the next couple years, but for the most part, our house is just too perfect for us. 

One of my favorite spaces in our house is our bedroom. The previous owners had painted it a light blue color that  I absolutely adore, and it transitions into our master bathroom as well. It's the most peaceful color you could possibly imagine for a bedroom, and it worked so well with our existing bedding and everything that I had no desire to paint over it. Which is a lot coming from someone who has the desire to slather white or gray paint EVERYWHERE. 

We recently purchased new bedroom furniture when we lived in our old home, thinking it would help us like it a little more. Turns out it didn't have that much effect on our feelings towards the old house, but once we got it all setup in our new room? Amazing. 

Since we had all the furniture and bedding for our new room, all we really needed were a few decor pieces to help tie our entire room together and make it look finished. When we were in the process of finalizing everything for our room, At Home reached out to me and asked if I wanted to take part in their $100 At Home Challenge. I obviously jumped at the chance since I had heard so many great things about At Home (basically that they're a ridiculously large store with more decor and housing items than you can shake a stick at for killer prices... which as you can imagine are all things up my alley) and they'd just opened a new store near us, I was dying to check it out. 

They sent me a $100 gift card and told me to finish off my room and take it to the next level, and I did just that. I was able to get all the items for my room for exactly $100. On my night stand I purchased that blue clock for $7.99, and the plant behind  it was on sale for $5. For Derek's nightstand, I wanted a place for him to be able to keep his work badge, and car keys, since they usually get piled up on his stand instead, and found this globe box for $20 in the clearance section as well. (At Home has many different red zone clearance sections in their store where everything is 1/2 off and they have some killer deals there.)

On our dresser, I purchased the white vase for $12 on clearance, and the picture frame on the other end for $15. I already owned the blue mason jars, and the holder, and added them there to help balance the look. The D and P letters on the wall were the most expensive purchase, coming in at $20 each, but I love how much wall space they take up, and they add such a great look to the room. 

If I had to label my personal decor style, it would likely be, "rustic modern" if that's even a thing. But I really love modern pieces with clean lines, and rustic things as well, and I think I was able to really blend those things really well together in this room with the help of At Home.


In partnership with At Home.


  1. Hi Paige!
    I am Angie (Heather and Derrick Williams MoM, your homes previous owners)..I just wanted to tell you that your master "reveal" just warms my heart..I had helped them paint when they first moved in and her color selections held MUCH thought!..I too LOVED this color. I had given her a stencil for over their bed (which was placed exactly where yours is) that read the last line of their marriage vows..you and Heather seem to share the same wish for a "feeling" in a master :)..Heather just told me about your blog today but i will continue to follow because i have SO enjoyed your post and seeing the pictures of my son and daughter in laws first home purchase!..I have been ABSOLUTELY BLESSED by your obvious love for that home! Your family is just precious!!

  2. This was the sweetest comment I've probably ever read on here. We really do LOVE this house so much. We're so glad the sale went so smoothly and that we're able to live here. I feel so guilty about the, "gutting the kitchen" comment now, especially since there isn't anything terribly wrong with it, just maybe a little updating later down the road :)

  3. I love it! It looks sooo good and Im totally jealous at how big your master is! It looks great though!

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