Birthday Presents for 11 Year Old Boy

Kyle will turn 11 next week which is both depressing and shocking. He is at a very fun age where he definitely know what he wants for his birthday and can easily share that with Derek and I so there is little guess work for us in the shopping department. If you're looking for Birthday Presents for 11 Year Old Boy, this list should hopefully be a helpful guide. 

Birthday Presents for 11 Year Old Boy:

My experience with 11-year-olds is limited, but from what I have gathered from Kyle and his friends, they all seem to be pretty interested in a few key pillars right now: Minecraft, Legos, Star Wars, Harry Potter, sports, and cars. When we asked Kyle what he wanted for his birthday, basically everything fell into one of these sections. I also feel confident that if I was getting a gift for Kyle to bring for a friend's birthday party, that anything in these categories would be well received. 

Birthday Presents for 11 Year Old Boy

LEGO Technic McLaren Senna

Kyle got one of these Lego Technic car sets when we were to Legoland in Dallas a few weeks ago, and so it was no surprise that he asked for another one. These ones I think are a good mix between difficult enough for an 11-year-old without being depressingly hard and it gets left unfinished for months.

Hot Wheels Car Triple Loop Set

Hot Wheels have been revitalized in our house the last few weeks with Kyle getting into his old tracks again. This set was reasonably priced, and will connect with ones he already has as well.

Soccer Ball

Kyle's old soccer ball has been depressingly torn up for months now. Him and his friends play every day at recess, and his ball usually is the one that gets used. It was time to get him a new one to replace the one that has seen many many games at recess. 

Harry Potter Shirt

I think it's cute that Kyle is starting to get into what clothes he wears. He picked out this Harry Potter shirt, and while it's not my favorite, he likes it' so I'm happy to buy it for him on his birthday.

Shut the Box Game

We played this game when we house swapped with friends in Texas last month. They had it at their house and we played it all the time. You roll the dice, and the number you roll signifies which wood piece on your row you flip down. There is a point system, and whoever has the lowest points at the end, and the most of their wood tabs flipped down is the winner. It's an easy and semi-mindless game you can play for a long time. 

Illustrated Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

We've slowly been collecting the illustrated Harry Potter books and Kyle asked for the next one on our list. I don't have the heart to tell him that the illustrator left the project and we might never get the entire collection. 

Minecraft Wolf Plush

My kids are VERY into stuffed animals, and Kyle is very into wolves, so I wasn't shocked to see this on his list. If you need something small for a fellow Minecraft lover, this could be a great gift. 

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  1. I was a few years older [a teenager] when I discovered Shut the Box.

    Such a wonderful game.

    And there is a wolf fan in my circles as well.

    Happy birthday!