A Fun and Easy Halloween Tablescape

Halloween isn't one of my favorite holidays out there, so I don't necessarily plan on decorating my house for the occasion. There is something about having young children though that tends to pull the holiday Grinch out of me, and make me want to throw something together at the last minute for them. At Home stores reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to put together a fun Halloween tablescape for them, sharing with my readers how I pull together some fun Halloween decor with a $25 budget to use in their At Home Stores. I love saving money, and sharing with you guys how you can do awesome things like this on a tight budget, and so I jumped at the chance and went for it.

I got the base of my idea off of Janssen's Halloween table from last year, and then put my own spin on it with what I had available in my home, and what I could find in store. I'd also been planning on doing some sort of DIY Halloween decor post this year anyways, and figured now would be an awesome time to try out this masking tape spider web that I found on pinterest. I love how all the pieces came together for this post, and hope it gives you some inspiration for your Halloween decor this year. 

The first thing I did was set the table. Derek and I got these black plates as a wedding gift five years ago, and then I had these white dollar store plates from my fall tablescape post that I shared last year. The glasses were also from the dollar store, purchased for that same post, and the straws I picked up at the craft store. I've used this white tablecloth many times for past blog projects, and it's actually a curtain that I picked up for $2 when we lived in North Carolina. I pulled the small pumpkins from the mantle in our living room, and then tossed some candy corn on the plates, and the settings were complete.

I then moved onto the centerpiece which is mostly all my cheap finds from At Home. I got lucky when I was there that all the Halloween decor was on sale for 25% off, and should be up until the holiday gets here. I've always loved the look of ball ornaments in apothecary jars, so when I found this tall one in the clearance section for $5, it was a done deal. I then bought two packs of the orange and black balls for $3 each to fill the jar, and it made all my dreams come true.

The black bottles that I found were $2 each in the glass section, and then I painted them black, and added some purple glittered holly that I found at the craft store, and they brought a whole new dimension of color to an otherwise bland setup. 

On the way to the checkout,  I found these two black and gold spider candles that I thought would be good to balance out the center on each end, and picked them up for about $4 each. A few seconds later, I'd found the spooky lantern and thought it would be another great piece to balance out the height of the ornament jar, and it came home with me for another $9.75. All together, I went over budget by $7, but totally worth it for the final outcome.

Next, I swapped out our large picture that we had hanging on the dinning room wall, for this masking tape spider web, and loved how it turned out. I bought three rolls of the masking tape (I used masking tape instead of washi tape because it came in larger rolls for less money, and was more durable, but still gentle on my walls), from the craft store, and then came home and went to work. I started by making a large plus sign on the wall with the tape, and then did an "x" over the plus sign to make an asterisk shape on the wall. Then, Starting at the top of all the lines, I connected the lines together, and then gradually moved in toward the center to make the lines for the spider web. It was so simple, but really makes a fun impact in the room.

I've filmed a video where you can see how I put this dining room together from start to finish. I hope that it proves to be some great decor inspiration for you and your family as move barrel full speed ahead toward Halloween next week!

This post was created in partnership with At Home, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Paige- this is really cute and perfect for young kiddos. I have two girls, ages 2 and 4, and they would love love love helping me put the web up on the wall. This is perfectly festive for young kids on Halloween. Cheers!

  2. Love this idea! I haven't decorated for Halloween yet. I don't think I'm going to this year. We aren't going to be home, so I don't know if I should bother.

  3. Oh my gosh everything is so cute!!! I love halloween!


  4. I love this so much! This is totally inspiring me girl!

    Thanks for sharing, Paige!

  5. Ooooh I love this setup! You seriously thought of everything all the way down to the color scheme. Not gonna lie, sometimes I forget purple is a great Halloween color. Lovely job!!!

    Danielle | www.FollowMyGut.com <3

  6. This is so cute! I love the spider web idea!

  7. Adorable and so easy too. I love that spider web - perfect for a party!

  8. Super cute! I love how easy but impactful the spider web is.

    xo Jen

  9. I absolutely LOVE the spider web idea. I would have never thought of that. Would look so great at a party! I wonder if you could do it with glow in the dark masking tape.

  10. Wow I love that spiderweb!! Will def be recreating that at home!!
    Lisa xx

  11. looks like fun decor for a Halloween party, I'll have to give this a try this year! : )

  12. This looks so cool and super stylish! Love it! X