Giving Meal Prep a Try

I'm at this point where the more habits and routines that I can incorporate in my life the better. I'm starting to realize that my days, and my life are so much smoother when I have a game plan for each day instead of just seeing what happens when the time comes. Earlier this year when I went on my three month blogging break I felt like I had all these balls that I was trying to juggle, but no game plan on how I was going to keep them in the air, and then as the entire internet saw, they all fell at once, and instead of picking up the pieces, I just walked away.

I'm not trying to say that I have this perfect life right now that I know how to balance but I was even telling Derek last week, I have a lot of things on my plate right now, and I feel like I'm giving everything the right amount of attention that it needs. The fact that we've just started our third month of homeschooling, and we're still going strong, is shocking to I'm sure my entire family. (Ps. Did you know I started a homeschooling instagram account a few weeks ago? You can follow along here). 

One more habit I'm trying to work on lately is eating better. I've been working out at the gym regularly for about a month now, and I'm at that point where I need to start eating better, or there is never going to be a visible difference that comes from the gym. I'm not trying to lose weight, in fact I'm really trying hard to gain muscle, so I need to make sure I'm eating the foods that can facilitate that. 

This week I'm going to try out meal prepping and see how it goes. Last night we had salsa chicken for dinner, and then I portioned out the rest of the shredded meat into these Reynolds Disposable Heat and Eat containers, cooked up some black beans, and rice, added them in too, and then stored them in the fridge for me to have as my post workout meal the rest of the week. When I get home from the gym, all I have to do is take it out of the fridge, heat it up, and then toss it on top of a big bowl of lettuce/spinach, and some more fresh veggies, and I got a perfectly healthy lunch ready to go! 

I purchased my Reynolds Disposable Heat and Eat containers from Walmart in the tin foil aisle. I love that they're made with plant fibers, which means they're a great alternative to plastic, and the're microwave safe. And since they're disposable, Derek can take leftovers to work in them, and I don't have to clean his awful smelling Tupperware when he gets home. 

This post is sponsored by Reynolds, but the content and opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. I've been doing some meal prep so Cody and I won't have to cook a lot during the first couple weeks with our baby, and I'm really wanting to do this more often :)