Pictures That Have Made a Big Difference in Our House

Decorating is such a slow process. Mostly because it can be pricey, and Derek and I have been trying to slowly work our way through our home one room at a time, but also because it takes a while for me to plan out how I want a room to look. A few months ago I was contacted by a company called Parabo.Press, and they asked me if I wanted to try their printing services out for a review over here, and after looking at their site, I totally wanted to do it, but the email went unaddressed in my inbox for ages because I had no idea on what I wanted to print, and where it would go in my house.

After I implemented my zero inbox rule, I knew I needed to get their email out of my inbox, so I sat down, figured out what pictures I wanted, and where they would go in my home, and then I went through the process of getting everything ordered. I was really impressed by the quality of all the pictures that they sent me. Especially the colored engineer prints. I've printed off basic black and white engineer prints at office supply stores before (like in my Super Bowl Party post), and they've turned out just fine, but I've been hesitant to try the color ones because I've heard they typically turn out pretty pixilated. So when my two colored engineer prints came in the mail, with no problems whatsoever, I knew I had to share them with you.

The first room I wanted to tackle was Jay's bedroom. I knew I wanted to get a quote that said, "We'll bring the world his truth" on it, but I didn't know if I wanted it on wood pallets, or paper, and if I wanted it painted or printed. Since Parabo.Press answered the printing question, all I had to do was find the picture that I wanted to print. I found this one on Etsy, had the lady add the quote for me and it was all set! Once my print came in the mail, all I had to do was tape it into the frame Derek made me, and it was good to go.

You've seen this twice on the blog already, but the next thing I wanted to get was a large printable for our mantle for the fall. I found this file on Etsy, uploaded it to Parabo.Press' site, and it was all set. I was nervous that this one wasn't going to turn out well because the Etsy seller had the file marketed for an 8x10 print, but my friend Laurel at Parabo told me that the file had to be at least 2000x3000 to work, and this one barely made the cut on size, but it turned out so well. It's just gorgeous. Originally we had it hanging on our mantle above our fireplace, but it was a little too big for the space, and Derek was nervous about it falling on the kids, so we decided to move it to the dinning room, and I love it just as much. We also got another engineer print made for Christmas that I'll show in a couple months.

Finally, we got a set of 25 square prints made. I was originally going to put all of these pictures in the same white frame from Ikea, but then when I went there last week, I didn't like what the frames looked like in person, so I ordered some on Amazon, and then when they came to our house yesterday, the pictures were too small for them. I decided to use some of the washi tape that Parabo sent me, and I just taped the pictures to the wall above my desk in our school room, and I love how it turned out. I love being able to see some of my very favorite family memories while I'm getting my work done in the afternoon.

Parabo.Press was kind enough to offer all of my readers a promo code to get their own set of 25 square prints for free, you just have to pay $8 for shipping. I love how firm these pictures are, so my kids can't easily bend them when they look at them, they're printed on a very thick cardstock. Just use the code, FLAMM at checkout to get your pictures!

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