An Unsponsored Review of Lipsense

This post about Lipsense was totally my own idea. Yes, I have a friend who sells Lipsense, who I will mention in this post, but I paid for the product entirely on my own, and all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest.

I want to start off by saying that I have somewhat of a negative relationship with most MLM companies. Not that they're bad, and I totally admire the people that join them, and can hustle themselves and make income doing that. I really truly admire that. I am not a salesperson at all, and so I know for me, it's just something I could never personally do, so props to you. 

My major thing that I have with MLM companies is mostly routed to my first experience with one. I had friends in college who were distributors for an MLM company and I really wanted to be friends with them and thought they were cool, and then they invited me to hear about this "business opportunity", which I would later find out was an MLM company, and at the time it felt like they were only wanting me to join this company because of what I could do for them, and less of what they could do for me. That, and the product that the company sold was something I was totally uninterested in. So that entire experience left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I've sworn off most direct sales companies since then. 

Fast forward about four year later to when we were living in North Carolina. A friend of mine had become a distributor for Doterra, and I really really loved and respected her, so when she invited me to a class to learn about essential oils, I went, and was impressed with what they could do for me and my family. I signed up to become a distributor, although I never really tried very hard to sell them, and mostly only signed up for the wholesale discount. I placed monthly orders for about a year and then stopped when we made some budget cuts during tough financial times and canceled my account. Just recently though I felt a big need to have the oils back in my life and bought a ton over Christmas, and am playing with the idea of becoming a distributor again. 

Fast forwarding to the present time... Over the last couple years, because of my blog, I've had a lot of friends who have joined various direct sales companies who have reached out to me about doing a blog post. For a lot of different reasons, I've mostly said no, except for the one time I posted about Jamberry Nails. My reasons have varied on this matter. Most of the time it's either people that I hardly know, or I haven't talked to in years, and they want me to post about their product on my blog and that kind of rubs me the wrong way. There are also the people who I really love, respect, and value in my life who have reached out to me with collaboration ideas and I've said no simply because I would hate for them to hand over all this free product to me, and then my blog generates zero sales for them. I've dabbled a little bit in affiliate marketing on my blog over the years and know that people just don't come to this space to buy things and so I feel like this space can't offer those people that I love what they're really looking for. 

All that to say, I've really hesitated sharing these kinds of companies for many different reasons, but today I'm sharing Lipsense with you. Lipsense has been raved about on the internet for months now, and if you know people who live in Utah, then it's hype is multiplied by 100. I had actually really been wanting to try it out because of the hype, but felt awkward asking most of the people that I knew who sold it if I could buy some from them. Finally one of my amazing friends from college, April, started selling it a few months ago, and when she reached out to me I was like, "YES! I want to try it! I've been meaning to get in contact with you!" It was perfect timing. She of course wanted me to share it with my readers, but my guidelines were that I had to pay for it completely on my own (I actually don't know if she was even going to give me a discount or anything, but I just nipped it in the butt before it started). 

I got my order over Christmas when we were with Derek's family in Idaho, and I found out one of my sister-in-laws really loved it and actually had an entire ziplock bag full of all different colors. She was of course sharing all the goods with everyone and it was basically a massive 20 day Lipsense party over there. I was glad that I got it while we were in Idaho though since Chantell was able to show me how to use it and give me tips, which was great since I bought the brightest color possible and I didn't want to look like a clown. 

I've since worn my Lipsense multiple times, and although I did get a really intense color (Blue Red to be exact), I really do love it. To apply it, you put a coat of the color on your bare clean lips, let it dry for a few seconds, and then add another coat, let it dry for a few seconds, and then add one more coat of color. You then use the gloss to lock the color in, and you can reapply the gloss as needed throughout the day. 

Since the lip color has cosmetic grade alcohol in it, it does sting when you put it on your lips at first. But then your lips go through an "exfoliation process" where the product helps to heal your lips and remove dead skin, and after that, it doesn't sting upon application anymore. If you do experience stinging, it goes away as soon as you apply the gloss.  I'm at the point now where it doesn't sting when I apply it, and my color lasts much longer since my lips have had time to exfoliate and get  used to the product. 

My overall thoughts are that it's an awesome product. Because the gloss locks everything in place, the color doesn't transfer when you kiss people, or get on your clothes, or anything which I really like. I also like that I can wear a bold color and I don't have to worry about having it bleed outside my lip line, or smearing, and getting everywhere throughout the day, it just stays in place. 

If you want to learn more about Lipsense or where you can purchase it feel free to reach out to my friend April on Facebook, or you can join her Facebook Group Here, where you can learn more about the product and upcoming sales and promotions that she may be running! 

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  1. What an interesting read! I really liked that you provided your honest opinion on MLM companies first. This product looks amazing though, and that bright red lip is amazing on you.