Getting the Kids Spring and Summer Ready

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Right now the weather in Georgia is in the midst of that awkward transitional phase where it's freezing cold one day, and scorching hot the next. This means we've had to hustle the last couple weeks to make sure the kids were well equipped with clothes for the summertime since we know it's fast approaching. 

When the warm weather ended last year I carefully stowed away the kids clothes in hopes of being able to reuse some of them this summer. There were a few pieces that still fit Jay and Em, but I found myself emptying out most of their drawers, and needing to do a complete overhaul... mostly for Em.

She hasn't really grown much in the last year. She's been wearing size 2T clothes for almost 18 months now. Since she still kept fitting in her clothes, we didn't really buy new ones, and as I was going through her things a couple weeks ago, I realized that most of her clothes were completely trashed. 

It's hard buying things for Em because she is so thin, most pants usually fall right off her. I love that OshKosh's shorts have the adjustable waist bands so that I can customize them to fit her little hips. She loves it because it gives her the freedom to crawl and play in the grass all summer long without her pants falling off. 

Jay didn't need a ton of new clothes, mostly just filling in the gaps with a couple new t-shirts, and some shorts. One area he needed a boost in though was his church clothes. He has gone through quite a growth spurt the last few weeks, and his church shirts were barely covering his belly button. I got him a few new button downs, and really love the pink one that he picked out the most. 

Jay loves wearing button downs all the time, not just at church, and I love that the fabric of these ones are light enough that he can play to his hearts content without getting overly hot and sweaty. He loves dressing like a little southern gentleman, and Oshkosh has a ton of adorable pieces right now to help him out. 

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