New Dishes For A New Kitchen

This post was written in collaboration with Re-Play, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

One thing that  I've been working hard to do over the last several months is to streamline our house to be full of things that we love, and use on a regular basis. This mostly means getting rid of things that we aren't using, and don't bring us joy, but also bringing products into our home that fit our lifestyle, and the space that we have for them.

Through the entire process of getting our kitchen redone, I've been collecting new pieces here and there, and getting rid of old kitchen items so that when the room is finished, it's just a really nice, pretty, functional, and organized space. One way that I've been doing that is by getting rid of all of our old mismatched dishes, and transitioning to new pieces that are not only pretty, but stack well in our cabinets. 

We ditched all of our newlywed dinnerware pieces for a new dinning set that  I really love and matches the aesthetic of our new kitchen, and I got the kids some new dishes to replace the ones that were five years old, literally falling apart, and always made a huge cluttered mess in our cabinet.

It should be no surprise to you by now that I'm obsessed with Ellie and Jared on Youtube. Ellie had mentioned in one of her videos that she loved the Re-Play brand dishes for her kids because of how well they stacked together, they were cute, and they held up really well. After hearing that I immediately Googled them to check them out and fell in love with not only their products, but the brand as well. 

Re-Play dishes are made from recycled milk jugs, which means that they're not breaking down or consuming other materials and resources to make their items. I also really love and appreciate that they're an American brand, manufacturing all of their products in North Carolina (and hello, you all know that I LOVE North Carolina). 

Most importantly though, I love their design. I love that all the pieces stack really well in my cabinet and don't make a huge mess, and I love how great their products are for young kids who are learning to eat themselves. The higher edge on the plates make it so much easier for Em to drag her food to the side of the plate and then use the edge to help prop the food onto the fork while she gets it to her mouth. They really are such great products.

If you're wanting to get some awesome Re-Play dishes for your family, you can use the code TheHappyFlammily2017 through 5/26/17 to get 15% off your entire purchase of $20+. Also, be sure to enter the giveaway on my Instagram where one lucky winner will get one complete feeding set in a color of their choice!

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