10 Rainy Day Summer Activities

The weather here is killing me right now. I wrote my huge summer bucket list post last week, and I've been dying to have friends over one night so that we can do a slip n slide, and have s'mores together, and every time I go to make the plans happen, the forecast calls for rain. Just one sunny Monday night is all I'm asking for, and apparently that's asking too much in these parts. Not only does the weather call for rain on Monday next week, but it's supposed to rain every single day. I don't know if you're aware, but that's basically the worst thing ever in the summer, especially when all I want to do is be at the pool swimming. Instead of letting the bad weather get me down though, I made a list of 10 things to do to cure the rainy day blues.

Regal Summer Movies: I tried to keep the media to a minimum on this list, but Regal theaters is offering $1 movies all summer long at 10am on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. This week we're planning on going to see Trolls... anyone want to let me know if it's not something I should be letting my two and four year old watch? 

Mini Marshmallow Popping Contest: I saw this idea for making mini marshmallow poppers, and thought that it would be a relatively easy and fun activity to execute with the kids... and we get to eat marshmallows, which is always a plus in my book. 

Write Letters to Family: Derek's last sibling that wasn't planning on moving back to Idaho, just announced that they are in fact moving back to Idaho next month. That means we can kill lots and lots of time writing letters to 12 aunts and uncles and 15 cousins... it should keep us busy for a little while at least. 

Library Story Time: It was on our summer bucket list to go at least once this summer, and if the forecast is calling for rain all week, then there likely isn't a better time to go! So if you're looking for us at 11:00am on Thursday, you know where we'll be ;)

Water Beads Sensory Bin: If you're not following @simplyonpurpose on instagram, you need to get on that. She has amazing thoughts on parenting and I've loved getting some of my best parenting hacks from her. She showed a really fun sensory bin that she made for her kids a few days ago, and it reminded me that we have 150,000 water beads in our house right now, so we totally need to get this going. 

Chattahoochee Nature Center: This is a little bit of a hike from our house, but they have tons of animals you can see, a nature exchange (whatever that means), and they even have a story time on Wednesdays. I figure it's better than sitting at home, so we'll likely give it a shot. 

Bake Cookies: Rainy days and baking go hand in hand. It is my personal belief that this is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, if you still haven't found your holy grail recipe. 

Delta Flight Museum: Derek is finishing his Master of Business in Aviation next month, naturally we're inclined to like airplane related activities in our home. 

Marietta Fire Museum: Ok, so this is getting a little museum heavy, but I just found out that this existed and it's free! Done deal. 

Indoor Tape Track: We have lots and lots of painters tape around the house from all our DIYs and remodels that we've had going on. I plan on using all that leftover tape to make some roads and tracks for the kids to drive cars on in the living room one day. They'll both love it, and since it's tape the track won't fall apart like train tracks or hot wheels do!

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  1. Trolls is kind of weird, haha. They say "OMG" the literal word a few times, which bugged me, and also they like poop cupcakes and sparkles a few times too. Potty humor, I guess. And I mean, the whole thing is weird, because it's all about one set of characters (Bergens) wanting to eat the other set of characters (Trolls). My 1 and 3 year old watched it and were ok with it (not scared or anything) but it's not one I would buy. The soundtrack is pretty good though! Ha.

    OH! It's on Netflix, so if you have that you can preview it haha.