A New Toy For Christmas: Moose Toys Oonies

Thank you Moose Toys for sponsoring this post. Get crafty with your kiddo and make “ooniements” with Oonies by Moose Toys this holiday season!

I try and be really intentional about the toys that I bring into our home. Things I think about are: Is it something Jay and Em will both enjoy? Is it something that is going to break and create clutter? Is it something that will cause fights? Is it something that will ignite creativity? What therapeutic benefits will this provide for Em? 

Needless to say, when purchasing toys for our home, it can sometimes be quite the deliberation process. A new toy we recently came across was Oonies by Moose Toys. (Obviously anyone who knows about my moose obsession can guess that the brand was a deciding factor as well...) Oonies are essentially small rubber balloons that go inside a plastic pump. The pump fills the Oonies with air, and they get to be about two inches big. Your kids can then create towers, trains, or whatever they can imagine, by sticking the Oonies together once they're blown up. They even come with fun things like rubber feet, wings, eyes, etc... so that you can make animals and other creatures. Oonies are the coolest way to create, without making a mess!

Em has really loved playing with these for a fun sensory play activity. She has been able to play and identify the pieces as "stretchy", and likes to name the colors, and count the amount of inflated Oonies that she has.

For family home evening this week we made little "Ooniements" for the Christmas tree, and the kids thought that it was the greatest thing ever. Em made a little bird that she was super enamored with. She pretended to make it fly for a solid 10 minutes and kept calling it a, "baby bird!" Jay made a snowman, and had a blast filling up the Oonies with the pump. He's at the perfect age (5), where he was able to watch me fill a couple, and then he was able to take over from there. 

Oonies really are such a fun toy. I love that my kids are close enough in age that they can find joy in playing with the same toys together. Anything that gets my kids using their brains and creating things in a fun and unique way is always a win in my book, and Oonies checks off each of those requirements for our family.

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  1. E would love to play with that balloon maker too! I definitely agree that the best toys are ones they can create things with over and over.

    Have a great week!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

  2. Another Step 2 toy that has been found to be a hazard is the Basic Rhythms Drums. The plastic clips that attach the drumsticks can break off and be a choking hazard.
    teddy way