50+ Summer Bucket List Ideas for Utah 2018

To be honest, I've been a little stressed out about having the kids home for the summer. It's been so nice, especially for Em to have the daily structure of preschool in her life everyday. I've been nervous about whether or not I can come up with enough engaging things to do, or things that will take up enough time in our days that we don't feel like we're stuck in the house twiddling our thumbs all summer. I spent about an hour last week coming up with all these summer bucket list ideas, and then I sat down and marked them all into my calendar so that we have a plan of when we're going to do everything. As of right now, I literally have everyday of summer break planned with something. Obviously if something else comes up that is more fun, or we get invited to do something with friends, we'll do that instead, but it's nice to know we have something to do everyday if nothing else.

  1. Hiking (post coming soon with 30+ stroller friendly hikes!)
  2. Drive-In Movies
  3. Mini Golfing
  4. Spiral Jetty at Sunset
  5. Teach Jay to Swim
  6. Lagoon
  7. Fishing
  8. DIY Popsicles: My friend Emily has tons of DIY Popsicles on her site.
  9. DIY Fruit Leather
  10. Nature Scavenger Hunt
  11. Various Toddler Friendly DIY Crafts
  12. Have a Picnic at the Temple
  13. Playground
  14. Fly Kites
  15. Visit a Shaved Ice Stand
  16. Hunt for Painted Rocks
  17. Clark Planetarium
  18. Cherry Hill Water Park
  19. Hogel Zoo
  20. This is The Place
  21. Treehouse Museum
  22. Tracy Aviary
  23. Bean Museum
  24. Thanksgiving Point ($2 Tuesdays in August!)
  25. St. George Children's Museum
  26. Dinosaur Discovery Site
  27. Star Gazing
  28. Camping
  29. Visit a National Park
  30. Swimming
  31. Cinemark Dollar Movies
  32. See a Parade
  33. Splash Pad
  34. Fireworks
  35. Antelope Island
  36. Bounce N Slide
  37. Run a 5k
  38. Visit a Soda Shop
  39. Make Smores
  40. Lake Day
  41. Library Story Time
  42. Alpine Slide
  43. Kids Bowl Free
  44. Water Balloons
  45. Ride Frontrunner to Salt Lake
  46. Make Freezer Jam
  47. See a Waterfall
  48. Golden Spike National Monument
  49. Take a Scenic Drive
  50. Play in Sprinklers
  51. Heber Railway Train
  52. Family Bike Ride
What are some things you're planning in your area this summer? I'd love some more inspiration and ideas, so let me know in the comments below!


  1. What a fun list, there are so many great things! Hope you guys have lots of fun this summer!

  2. I am going to copy you on a lot of these! Love your list! I want to find a drive in movie so badly!!!!

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  4. Utan an amazing place to visit in summer do you know this amazing fact about utah, The name Utah comes from the Native American Ute tribe and means people of the mountains.

  5. Utah is very amazing place to visit with your family, and freinds. I have been many times. and i want to visit again.👍