Fall Living Room and Dinning Room Decor 2018

Oh the joy to be in our own home and feel like we can decorate and invest in a space again. Our home posts are some of my favorite ones that I do over here on the blog. When we moved from Georgia last year we got rid of all our decorations that I actually really loved, and so we're really starting from scratch in terms of decor and getting this house just how we want it. 

I really tried to replicate the same thing in this space that we had in our last house, but I was unable to find a lot of the same pieces, so I just had to do the best I could. The first thing we did was get some new pillows for the couch. I wanted something neutral that could last multiple seasons. When we moved here last year we did a Christmas project with At Home and had some Christmas pillows on the couch, and then we never got new ones and lived with Christmas pillows for an entire year. I got these pillow forms on Amazon, and then bought these buffalo check pillow covers to go on top of them. The other two pillows we've had from previous homes, and they work perfectly here! 

The next area to tackle was the fireplace. We're actually going to be painting the tile white and putting up a wood beam in the next few weeks, but for now we just found this garland at the craft store, and then painted some glass bottles white and stuck some fall leaves in them. We found this awesome holiday countdown at the Target Dollar Spot, and it even works for every holiday. It's fun to have something like that for Jay to look forward to changing each day. I bought the metal pumpkin from TJ Maxx, along with the candle and the small pumpkins. 

The final space we decorated was the dinning room. When we purchased this house we knew the first thing we would be getting was a new dinning room table. We found this Ashley Home Furniture table on Amazon, along with the four chairs, and the bench. The centerpiece and placemats were another TJ Maxx find, and then the spider web on the wall is something I started doing in our last house it Georgia. It's just black masking tape, and is super easy to do, but the kids love it!