10 Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Child After School

This post was sponsored by OREO as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. 

By now we all know what a huge fan I am of taking the time after school to really connect with your kids. They spend so much time outside of our home that we really need to capitalize on every moment we have with them inside of our home. 

I love to do this at the kitchen table with an afternoon snack. My kids and I are huge fans of OREO Cookies from Walmart, especially the OREO Dark Chocolate Cookies (although the OREO Carrot Cake Cookies are amazing and perfect for Easter coming up too!) A glass of milk and a couple OREO Dark Chocolate Cookies has kind of become the best afternoon tradition that our kids have really come to look forward to each day. 

While we're sitting around the table, I love to ask them questions about their day, and know what's really going on at school, so I've made a list of questions that I can ask them to get the conversation rolling. We definitely don't go through all the questions everyday, maybe just one or two of them. I find once you get the conversation going with one topic, my kids tend to just go on and on until you know every single detail from the rest of their day. These are my 10 favorite conversation starters to get that dialogue going. 

1) What did you eat for lunch today?
2) What was your favorite part of school aside from recess?
3) What was your least favorite part of the day? 
4) Which special class did you go to today? 
5) Who did you play with at recess? 
6) Who did you sit with at lunch?
7) Did anything funny happen at school today?
8) What did you learn today?
9) What should we do as a family this weekend? 
10) Did anyone help you today?

How do you get the conversation started with your kids after school each day? Are OREO Cookies a part of your snack time routine like they are for us? I'd love to hear about your routine in the comments below! 

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