Kinsley's Big Girl Bedroom Tour

We've been in our new house for a total of six months now, and we're just getting to the point where rooms are starting to be "finished". Aside from our dinning room, which I haven't shown yet, Kinsley's room is the first one to be all the way done! It feels so good to be able to say that since our kid's rooms have historically always been a disaster, and I've never known what I wanted to do with them, (which resulted in me doing nothing), so having Kinsley's space done, and Kyle's done in the next day or so, feels like a huge relief.

I wanted Kinsley's room to be super cute, but also accessible for her. Since she can't walk we spent hours researching the best bed that she could easily crawl in and out of, and landed with this house bed! It's so fun and creative, but also functional for what she can do. 

Next we needed to find a dresser, at an awesome price, and finally landed on this one from Ikea! I love that it was really affordable, while still being cute and fitting in with the style of the rest of the bedroom. Our kids have used Sterilite drawers in their rooms for years, so having a real dresser feels like a dream!

Kinsley has so many little bits and pieces on top of her dresser, and in her top drawer, so we got this little drawer divider to house her hair bows, undies, socks, and tights, and it's amazing how much of a difference it makes to not have all of these things sliding around together in the drawer, or cluttering the entire top of the dresser. 

I purchased the kids these bean bag chairs sometime before Christmas, and they're the best thing ever. I stuffed all the kids animals inside of them so that they aren't cluttering the floor of their bedroom, but it's also providing a cute and functional seat in their room as well. 

Kinsley started a new sensory program for some sensory preferences that she has, so we got her a swing for her bedroom. It was super easy to install and both of the kids love playing inside of it! It's been really fun to just have a calm morning at home, rocking Kinsley in her swing, it's a time of the day that I really enjoy. 

Finally we have her little book basket. We'd been keeping her books on the floor for the longest time, but they'd get bent and roughed up a bit. This basket was a super easy way to have them organized a bit, but still have them accessible for Kinsley to get to whenever she wants them. 

White Bin on Dresser
Paint: Light French Gray By Sherwin Williams

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  1. So super cute! I wish I had my kids rooms done. I keep telling them we will paint them....once they stop writing on the walls! And we are way past kindergarten, so I don't get why they still do that!