My Easy Go-To Toddler Hairstyles

Kinsley spent the first three years of her life looking like a disheveled mess. I'm not by nature one who does frilly hairstyles all the time, but Kinsley's hair almost requires it. She has this strange texture that is a mix between baby hair and adult hair, which means some of it lays flat, but a lot of it is super wispy and fine. She also somehow got stuck with these waves that aren't necessarily pretty waves, and it's not her entire head, but just the back of it, so if we do nothing, it just looks incredibly messy. We're talking bed head meets 80s rocker.

I'm not going to be starting a hair channel on youtube anytime soon, and I definitely don't rival Twist Me pretty or Cute Girls hairstyles, but I do have a small arsenal of hair styles that I absolutely love, and can do in under five minutes with minimal effort and supplies. These can all be done with a spray bottle of water, hair elastics, and a comb!

If you need easy hair styles for toddler hair, look no further! Ps. Most of these work best with damp hair, hence the spray bottle!

Puffer Pig Tails: 
This one looks a lot harder than it is. Simply part the hair down the middle and secure one side out of the way while you work on the other. Use a comb to part off 1 inch sections and secure with an elastic. Bring the tail from the top section down into the next one, and then part the 1 inch section and secure with an elastic. Repeat this all the way down until you run out of hair. Then when you go to do the next side, simply repeat the same process, matching up your part lines with the side you already did. For some added flair, pancake, or puff out the sections between the elastics for more dimension.

toddler hairstyles
Half Up Half Down Connected Pony:
Gather your top section of hair like you're going to do a simple half up half down look, and then secure the bottom section of hair out of your way. Then taking 1/2 inch sections of hair, part them off at a diagonal, and bring the tail of the top section into the next section like you did above. Do this until you have no more hair in your top section, secure with an elastic, and top with a hair bow! 

French Braids:
I could not figure out how to do french braids for the longest time, but once I finally got it, they've become a regular in our house. My advice here is watch all the youtube videos and then try and try and try again, and eventually one day it will click. I also really love Dutch braids, and they're easier for me to do!

Lace Crown Braid:
If you already know how to french braid, this will be easy. Part off a top section of hair and then do a lace braid (same as french braid but only adding in hair from the front instead of the front and back). Do this all the way from one ear, over to the next, braid the remaining hair all the way down, and then secure with the rest of the hair up in a pony tail. 

Pull Through to Side Bun:
If you've seen Kinsley, you've seen this hairstyle. Put the hair in a side part and then take your comb at the line for the side part and bring it all the way down to create a part for your first ponytail. Secure that with an elastic. Then take your comb and make a part connecting that first side part all the way across the head to the ear on the other side. Tie off this section of hair on the top and leave it for later. Make three more vertical parts in the back section of the hair, bringing in the hair from the last section as you go. You'll end up with the top section of hair that you've pinned out of the way, and a side ponytail Smooth and comb out the hair on the top section and bring it into the side ponytail, and bring them together with an elastic into a messy bun. Video tutorial here:

Messy Bun Pig Tails:
Do the hair you would the same way for pigtails, but then turn them into mess buns at the end!

What hairstyle are you doing for your little girls on a regular basis? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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