Bear Lake Day Two| ATVs, Pools, Food and Fun

Today was our last full day in Bear Lake before we pack up and go home tomorrow. We packed a lot of fun into one short day, and the fact that the kids were both fast asleep by 7:45 tells me that they thought it was pretty great too!

We started off the day at 8:00am when everyone woke up. Derek got the kids some cereal while I headed out on a 2.5 mile run. I was a little discouraged by how slow I was going, until I got back to our cabin and remembered that the elevation was probably higher than it is back home. Sure enough, I looked it up, and we're 1,500 feet higher than we are back in Salt Lake. It's nice to be able to blame slow running on something other than me. 

After my run and everyone was done eating breakfast, we got dressed and headed out to ride an ATV. Derek and I have been wanting to do this with the kids since we first moved back to Utah, and I'm so glad we did it. This is one of the few recreational activities that we can all do together as a family, despite Kinsley's physical disabilities, and she loved it SO MUCH. It's definitely something we're going to do a lot more of in the future! 

Side note: Derek and I looked into buying our own ATV a couple years ago, and after you pay $20,000 for the ATV, buy a new vehicle that can tow the ATV, and a trailer to attach to the new vehicle to put the ATV on, it's a very expensive endeavor. We realized even if we owned one, we'd probably go six times a year max, and realized it's so much cheaper to just rent one whenever you want than to actually buy. It was $200 to rent one for two hours, which was the perfect amount of time for the kids, and if we did that 6 times a year, $1,200 would still be way cheaper than actually owning our own. Just a heads up if that information is helpful for anyone!

After we got done with our ATV ride, we had to go to the store and buy a first aid kit because Kyle's finger was literally exploding. Right before we got onto the ATV Kyle said, "Look at my finger..." It was swollen, and green (yes GREEN!), and there was so much green pus (sorry I used that word) coming out of it. We got it cleaned up enough for the ATV, but then we had to clean it out, get some antibiotics for it, and bandage it up. It was an entire ordeal. I'll spare you any pictures, but I honestly have no clue how this happened or why. Oh wait.. I do... it's because this kid nervously picks his finger skin all the time, and it finally got infected and caught up to him.

After the finger fiasco we drove up to Fish Haven, Idaho and got lunch at Cooper's. All the food in Garden City is so over priced that for the four of us to eat at a burger shack, it always comes out to about $30. Coopers was an actual nice, sit down restaurant, and we got way better food than you would get in Garden City for the same exact price. Win win situation. The kids both got spaghetti and meatballs, and only ate their meatballs and left the spaghetti. Derek got a massive burger, and I got the reuben. Everything was amazing, and the kids even got ice cream sandwiches and frisbees to go with their kid meals. 

Other side note: I've been taking the kids out to eat once a week this summer at different restaurants for lunch to teach them good table manners. It totally paid off today when we went in to eat and there wasn't a single meltdown the entire time. I highly recommend doing this at places like McDonalds or Chick Fil A where the stakes are low, so that when it's time to actually behave in a nice restaurant the expectations are already there.

Once lunch was done we were all exhausted and headed back to our cabin to take naps and rest before we went swimming. The HOA we were staying in had an awesome pool, so Derek and the kids had a blast swimming while I casually played photographer and hid in the beach chairs with a massive headache. Read: all problems in my life are due to not drinking enough water. 

When we left the pool we headed back to the cabin, gave the kids baths, made some mac n cheese and hot dogs for dinner and then sent Kyle and Kinsley to bed. Then Derek went out and got us a massive milkshake to share because our life goal is to find out who really does have the best milkshake in Bear Lake. We finally have the answer, but you'll have to wait on that for another day.

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