Bear Lake Day One

Last year Derek and I took the kids on a day trip to Bear Lake. Everyone in Utah raves about it, and it's a hot destination spot for family reunions. We decided that we wanted to come back this year and stay a couple days to make a fun family trip out of it. We had invited Derek's siblings and all of their families to come, but only his parents and the siblings that are still at home were able to meet up with us for the first day of our adventures.

We started off the day by having lunch at Merlin's. It's one of the many burger joints in town that boasts about their quality raspberry shakes. Naturally we got one, and it was not only delicious, but coming up over the rim, just like a good milkshake should. 

After we ate lunch, we headed to the beach. I have a friend who has a house here in Bear Lake, and she told us the best place to go to the beach is to just drive south a few miles from Garden City on Bear Lake Boulevard. You'll see a bunch of cars pulled over on the side of the road. From there, find a spot that's not crowded with plenty of sand, and have yourself a good time. 

This wound up being such a better option than what we did last year. Previously, we'd gone to Garden City Park where they have free admission and you walk down the boardwalk to get there. It was free and fun, but the beach was super rocky, and the "sand" by the shore was super smushy and swampy. The "beach" we went to today on the south shore had plenty of sand, and no swampy ground by the water. Just the way we like it. 

After a day of building sand castles and playing in the water, Derek's family headed back to Logan for the night, and we made our way to our cabin where we grilled hot dogs, ate dinner, and sent the kids to bed. A successful day one if you ask me.

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  1. So the one time I have been to Bear Lake, we stayed on the Idaho side of the lake. They have the best beaches. Smooth sand, nothing in it and the kids had a blast! It was worth paying to get in there. But its crazy how beautifully blue Bear Lake is!