Kyle's Bedroom Design From Modsy

Kyle has never had a finished bedroom. In the seven years that he's been alive his room has been "kind of almost done" but never had the finishing touches to make it look complete. We made headway last winter when we bought him a real dresser and some decor, but then we didn't like some pieces we ordered. That paired with moving and having to sell and buy new things for him... it's always been a work in progress.

Some issues with the space were that it's a pretty small room, and he has a queen size bed. The reason for this is because we wanted a bed big enough for guests if they stayed the night. That meant we had to downsize his dresser, and then there wasn't any room (or so I thought) for a desk or a bookshelf, which is something that's become a necessity now that he's getting older and needing a space for homework. 

I finally took the plunge and had Modsy do a room design for him, and am so pleased with how the space turned out! I'm naturally not one to love a bed in front of the window, especially in this design where it's only half the bed in front of it, but when I saw how much space that created for Kyle to have a low profile desk, with book storage, I actually really loved it. 

One thing that I didn't love was the furniture selection from Modsy. When you are going through the steps of telling them about your room and what you'd like to add, you can tell them how much you want to spend on furniture. I set our budget to as low as it could go (I believe the max price for anything I picked was $500), and yet they showed me a $700 dresser, a $1,000 bed, etc... 

This meant I spent a lot of time searching places like Amazon and Walmart to find compatible items that would work, for a fraction of the cost. Luckily I was able to do that, and purchase the remaining items that I needed for the room for $95, but it was a labor of love on my end to get it there. 

Overall, I'm really happy with our experience using Modsy for the first time. There really is nothing better than being stumped with a space for so long, and then having a professional come in and breathe fresh life into it. I would totally recommend Modsy if you simply need some new inspiration when it comes to a space in your home. I likely wouldn't use it for every room in our house, but for situations like this where it's taken us years to get a room pulled together, I couldn't be happier that we finally took the plunge and went for it.  

Be sure to come back in a couple weeks to see what we bought and how we made it our own!

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