Dollar Tree Fall Centerpiece DIY

I love decorating for fall, but I don't love spending a ton of money. When we lived and Georgia and thought we were in our forever home (that seems like an illusive dream/joke at this point), I spent quite a bit of money getting all the perfect fall decor for our home, only for it to be sold and passed along when we moved back to Utah. 

I'm at the point where we're slowly building our decor back up, but I want to have pieces that I love, and don't cost a fortune. Centerpieces are such a perfect and easy way to decorate, but even if you get the most inexpensive one at Hobby Lobby or another craft store, it's going to run you at least $20+. I went digging around our local Dollar Tree the other night and was so impressed with their fall selection right now. They're seriously rivaling Target at this point! 

I found these wood signs, and thought that they could easily be turned into a small tray for a centerpiece! I then found this sparkly vase filler, some green plants, three mason jars, and some hot glue, and the entire thing came together for only $10! If you have hot glue at home, or some green plants, you could save even more money! 

2 small wood signs from dollar tree (linked here)
3 mason jars (linked here)
2 bags vase filler (linked here)
hot glue

Flip the wood signs over so that you can see the backs. Line them up next to each other, and simply rip off the sides that have the wall hanging hook on them. 

Run a line of hot glue down the new exposed edge, and then line the two pieces up and press them together. 

Place three mason jars into the newly formed tray, vill with vase filler and greenery! 

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