6 Activities to Do Over Christmas Break

If you're looking for some activities to do over Christmas Break with your kids, these six ideas will keep your family happy and excited through the long cold days at home!

Christmas break can sometimes be a difficult thing to navigate with children. If you're not going out of town, and your partner is going to be in the office working all week, you might find ourself with a lot of free time with your kids and not sure what to do with it all.

I like making a plan for activities to do over Christmas break so that I have an idea of what the week will look like. None of these activities are super extravagant, but are fun things to connect and bond with your kids instead of having a boring day at home (which don't get me wrong, I love those too!)

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Activities to Do Over Christmas Break

1) Take the kids on a lunch date to Chick Fil A. 

This is something I did weekly over summer break, and that the kids really loved doing. The owner of the location we go to is always so friendly to Kyle and Kinsley, and I kind of want to adopt him as another grandpa... but our kids already call eight other adults grandma and grandpa, so we're kind of tapped out in that department...

2) Go to the little free library in our neighborhood. 

When I was out on my run yesterday, I noticed that our neighborhood got a little free library. Our kids have never seen one before, so I want to take them over to it! Kyle I'm sure will think it's the most thrilling thing he's ever seen. We have a lot of doubles of books in our home library that I'd like to take over too.

3) Go to the children's museum. 

We got passes to Discovery Gateway over the summer, and I want to take Kyle since we usually go when he's in school. Kinsley goes almost weekly since we meet her PT there for therapy, but it will be nice to take both kids for once!

4) Bake something with Kyle. 

Kyle loves helping and baking in the kitchen, and I've been trying to be less uptight about things. Before Christmas, I bought a cake mix from Trader Joes and told him to basically do it on his own with little help (because my brain has to be either all in helicopter mom style, or completely hands off, there's no middle ground over here...) And he did the entire thing with very little instruction. I want to set this up as a monthly activity in 2020 where I print off a recipe and let him work through it on his own!

5) Take the kids to the real library. 

Our library books are always insanely overdue, so we need to plan a day and go and exchange them for new ones. Our library also has tons of fun toys, and the librarians knows our kids really well, so it's always fun to go and see them.

6) Tubing at Solider Hollow. 

The kids have never been tubing before, and our local place here in Utah has accommodations for people with disabilities. I think this would be a fun thing that the kids would really love. We try to do a fun day trip to Heber each year anyways, and this would make for the perfect activity!

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