Brewed Caramel Cacao with Torani

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I'm not one to get too caught up in calories and counting macros and tracking what I eat. During the holiday season though when it's one party after another, and all the holiday treats are plentiful, I can see the value in wanting to eat something that is both tasty and indulging, while also being light on the calories and sugar when we're already consuming a lot of other things we normally wouldn't. It's all about balance right? 

Part of my morning routine lately has been drinking a nice warm up of hot cacao. Not to be confused with cocoa, cacao is a beverage that can easily be brewed in any coffee maker, is low in calories (15 per serving), and has been said to give an energy boosting effect similar to caffeine, without actually consuming caffeine. I've been loving this in the mornings with a serving of Sugar Free Torani Classic Caramel Syrup. 

I've been a long time fan of Torani because  of how easily their syrups mix in with other drinks, and they're made with simple and thoughtfully sourced ingredients. One flavor of Torani Syrup can make endless recipes and possibilities, and can turn your coffee, tea, cacao, etc... into an indulgent treat! I also love that I can grab the Torani Sugar Free Syrups in the coffee and tea isle of my local Walmart Grocery Store. 

This drink comes together really easily and can be as simple or elaborate as you'd like. On a typical morning I'll brew my cacao and add a splash of Sugar Free Torani Classic Caramel Syrup, but sometimes I like to take it to the next level with a bit of whipped cream, a couple chocolate chips, and a little dash of cacao powder on top! 
2 tbsp ground cacao, brewed
8oz water
Optional toppings: cool whip, chocolate chips

Pour 8oz of water into your coffee maker, and turn it on to brew your cacao. Once brewed, pour in two tbsp Sugar Free Torani Classic Caramel Syrup. Top with desired toppings. 

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