Christmas Menu Plan

If you're looking for and easy Christmas Menu Plan to get you through Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Breakfast, and Christmas Dinner, this menu will keep things easy and delicious.

Over the last several years we've come to really enjoy spending our holidays at home with just our own little family. The kids get to enjoy their gifts in their home, and play with them to their heart's content, without any other major pressures. We've come to really love these nice quiet, no-stress holidays.  Last year we started the tradition of having a big Christmas Eve dinner, and then another larger dinner on Christmas. We also have cinnamon rolls and fruit on Christmas morning when we're done with gifts and everything else. If you need a little inspiration for your holiday meals, this is what our family is doing this year. 

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Christmas Eve Dinner Menu:

Lobster Tail and Steak: I don't have a real recipe for this. I'm planning on cooking the lobster in the oven and the steak on our indoor grill. We do lobster because it's something we would never have any other time of the year, and it's something nice to splurge on for Christmas Eve. 

Corn on the Cobb

Mac n Cheese: I just make this on the stove. Boil some pasta, add some butter, milk, and a handful of cheese, and the kids think I'm the greatest person ever. 

Broccoli: roasted in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes with oil, salt, and pepper. 

Potatoes: roasted in the oven with the broccoli. 

Banana Cream Pie: We just bought this in the frozen section of Walmart. Pie is a part of our Christmas Eve Tradition as well! 

Christmas Breakfast Menu:

Cinnamon Rolls: This is our holiday tradition forever and always. We usually switch up which recipe is our favorite every so often. This year we're planning on using the recipe from The Griffiths Cookbook. We'll also serve with lots of fresh fruit.

Christmas Dinner Menu:

Ham: This is such a classic Christmas dinner. We're planning on making this crock pot version from Six Sister's Stuff. 

Rolls: Recipe also from The Griffiths Cookbook

Funeral Potatoes: This is a classic dish in Derek's family, and we're also going to be making a recipe from Six Sister's Stuff.

Carrots: Chop, boil for 7 minutes, toss with butter, and serve. So easy, and one of the kid's favorites. 

Kale Salad Kit: Super easy and just picked up from Walmart. We love the Kale and Cranberry one in our house!

What are you having for your holiday meals this year? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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  1. Smoked turkey for Christmas dinner. We do a hashbrowns, sausage and egg breakfast. Nothing big planned for Christmas eve. I can never decide until too late. :)